Video: The Primeridian in ‘Keeping Success Pure’ Pilot

Andrew Barber 0

Some of these “interaction” scenes are hilarious. See :35 in.

Anyhoo, The Primeridian get some shine in the pilot for a new program entitled, Keeping Success Pure. I’m not sure whether this was made for TV or vocational school classes, but I’ll add this: I like that female host and Prime’s performance was dope and polished.

This is a trailor for a “Keeping Success Pure” TV Pilot with Cynda Williams of ‘Mo Betta Blues’ and The Primeridian hosted by D. Lyle & Drew Prada. The Pilot-trailor also showcases Chicago’s own Pressure Point Studios and Studio Chicago (held sessions with Kanye and Twista, Queen Latifah, Anthrax, etc). The Primeridian interview and performance of “Let’s Go” produced by Grammy Nominated producer Nicolay of the Foreign Exchange begins at the 5:12 mark…