Birdman Says Kells Is Bad For Business

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Remember when Baby and Kells claimed they were going to drop that new and improved Best of Both Worlds disc, after the clusterfuck that was the original Best of Both Worlds?  No?  Well, it was all the way back in September of 2003, ie when I was still hanging out with promiscuous college girls.  They were also planning a movie together, entitled ‘Eye Contact’, which would’ve been a guaranteed shit sandwich.  Other than “Trapped In The Closet” and the “Down Low” [II] video (Fancy!), I’ve never really seen Kells’ acting chops, but I’m sure they’d be nothing short of spectacular.  I mean, the man made “Ignition”!

Through the mircale of The Online, I was able to dig up this MTV article from 2003:

“Me and Kelly are almost finished,” Baby said recently of the tentatively titled Best of Both Worlds 2. “It’s kind of a combination with both [singing and rapping]. Dude is doing his thing, I’m doing my thing with it. We worked together on every song, so me and his ideas came together so big it’s just gonna be one of them kind of albums. [Mannie] Fresh [produced] some songs on there.”

Baby also said that he and Kelly finally have a finished script for their movie, “Eye Contact,” and plan to start shooting this month (see “Baby, R. Kelly Become Foes After Move From Miami To Chicago”). Next year, the Birdman wants to take his Cash Money family on a tour with the R.

Welp, that never happened.  And even as big of a Kells & Cash Money fan I was at the time, “Gangsta Girl” just never did it for me.  (Where is Strings?).
Sidenote: At the time CMR was snatching up Chicago artists as if this was Rap-A-Lot in 1996.  Mikkey, Boo & Gotti, Stringz Tateeze, R. Kelly, a botched attempt to sign Kanye, etc.
Well, in an interview in this month’s Ozone Magazine (via RapRadar), The Birdman alludes to R. Kelly being the worst investment of his career.  Damn, I would’ve guessed Mack 10. 
What’s the worst business investment you’ve made throughout your career?

Probably the worst investment I did was fuckin’ with R. Kelly. That was a waste of my time. I could’ve made money if I wasn’t fuckin’ with that clown-ass n****.
Ouch.  Well, it was all good just a week 7 years ago: