Chuck Inglish To Play Raekwon?

Andrew Barber 0

Photo Credit: Nick Brazinsky [from the Pac Div + Cool Kids “Shut Up” shoot]

The Chef is planning on releasing a bio-pic of his life, entitled C.R.E.A.M., and if he had his pick, he’d snatch up Chuck Inglish for the starring role. 

He tells XXL:

The Wu-Tang MC says that the script is already written and he wants Chuck Inglish of the Cool Kids to portray him in the flick. “A couple of the young MCs in the game, such as the Cool Kids, I think there’s one of them that kinda resemble me,” Rae said. “So we thinking of letting them have fun, with them catching a vision of all the things we did back in the days. I really feel like I had a full life as a kid, where I went through many different things, from playing sports to being caught up in the streets and then having knowledge of self.”

I’m not familiar with Evan’s acting chops, but I’d like to see this project come to fruition.  Chuck Rules Everything…