Jay Stonez feat. Shawnna – “Awww Yeah”

Andrew Barber 2

Here’s the latest collabo from Jay Stonez & RaShawnna.

The song is described by Jay’s camp as: “a hotter Male version of Getting Some with a better twist”

You be the judge.

Jay Stonez feat. Shawnna – “Awww Yeah”

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As you can tell from the picture staying Fly is nothing but a spray away (Aww Yeahh!!) As he poses with his G.O.G (GoGetta) piece, Yes the Chicago Native linked up with Queen of the city Shawnna to bring you the New Single “Aww Yeahh” {For the Ladies} I just call it a hotter Male version of Getting Some with a better twist as Jill Scott kills the beat~ incase you were unaware of the sexy vocals in the background Produced by The Gift. One thing you can’t deny about Jaystonez aka Mr.Chefy is he knows how to create a hit, threw wordamouf I heard he has teamed up with Dj-ILL WILL from the west coast and has a Deal in the works can’t say with who yet but with his strong Internet buzz I’m sure we’ll have details soon!!! SODMG/Interscope??? Chicago support your own kind!!! If you want to know more about this Guy just put Jaystonez in your Google search and your bound to see he reps is city to the fullest and if your a hater then fall in line. Shawnna Introduces her self with such sexy arragant lyrics as she say’s (Yeah Daddy come get your pu**y) and Jaystonez finishes the record out with (Go to sleep when I put it on ya, Dont you love how I lick that cli**) “Aww Yeahh” x2 make that lil kitty purr “Aww Yeahh” x2