Video: Big Sean Gets Mic Snatched, Snatcher Gets Tossed Off Stage

Andrew Barber 0

Last night in Chicago, Big Sean headlined a concert at the Wild Hare and had his very own Lil Mama/Taylor Swift moment.  An angry concert-goer, who claimed he was to perform earlier in the evening – but was snubbed – snatched the microphone out of Sean’s hand, and was abruptly tossed off stage, as if his name was Prince Be , by the host Hustle Simmons.

The storm-stager, who I’m unfamiliar with, took a spill into the angry crowd, caught a couple licks and ran out the front door.

I honesty thought the storm-stager was part of the show and was someone from Big Sean’s Finally Famous camp, who was going to do a joint or two during Sean’s set.  Not the case.  This guy just ran up on stage, grabbed the mic, shouted “F*** everyone in here”, and hurled the mic into the crowd.

The Wild Hare shut the show down shortly thereafter, but not before Sean did a couple joints for the disgruntled crowd, including “Getcha Some” and “Lemonade”.

Shouts to Chicago’s TMZ, Bobby Rocwell, who was on hand to film, and Zonedout Media.  It was wild.