Video: Freddie Gibbs – “How We Do”

Andrew Barber 0

Live from a rooftop in BK. 

For some reason, this video reminds me of his “From The G” clip – camera, look, etc.  Except this is in Brook-nam, and “The G”, was well, filmed in the G.

“How We Do” is over the Souls of Mischief class “93 til…”, and Mr. Gibbs absolutely gets off on this one here.  This was one of the tracks on Miseducation that really got my attention.  Tune in.

And as an added bonus, here we have “The Ghetto” live at the Highline Ballroom in NYC.  Look for a video for “The Ghetto” to be shot on location in the area very soon.

Props to NahRight & TSS