Video: GLC feat. Trouble Andrew – “Lay It Down”

Andrew Barber 0

The latest and greatest from GLC and Trouble Andrew.  No relation.  Noah Banks did the clip.  A well done video and a nice Valentines Day treat.

Says Gangsta L:

We had a blast doing this video in 7 degree weather in Chicago! Damn it was cold! Shout out to Happy for the phone call that kicked it all off! Shout out to Mick Boogie & Hollywood Holt who was the connect between Trouble Andrew & myself! Shout out to the Kick Drums for snappin’ so hard on the beat! Shout out to my girl SuSu for her participation in the vision! Shout out to the young ladies under the jiggle your thighs act! Shout out to Trouble Andrew for gettin’ on that plane in coming to The Windy City to grow with a player! Shout out to my man Don C, Marc Moran & Virgil for lending @rsvpgallery gallery to a pimp for this process! Shout out to DJ Geno for going hard daily! Shout out to Peter, Bjorn & John for laying the smack down on the hook! Shout out to Noah Banks for his cold ass directorial skills! Finally shout out to the city of Chicago for being instilled in me!