Video: Mic Snatcher (Capital K) Interview on Go ILL Radio

Andrew Barber 2

Friday night’s incident at the Wild Hare with Big Sean and the infamous Mic Snatcher is easily the most talked about event in Chicago right now.  For the past 48 hours all I’ve heard about is Hustle Simmons and his Goldberg-esque spear  of the Chicago Mic Snatcher , who has now been revealed as an artist by the name of Capital Killa. 

Being the trendsetters that they are, Timbuck2 and DJ MoonDawg were able to track down Capital K for an exclusive interview on Go ILL Radio last night on WGCI.  Hilarity ensues.

Besides being put on the hot seat by Tim and MoonDawg for a hilarious Q&A, they also offer up a David Letterman-style “Top 10 Things Capital K was thinking as he was on his way to the ground”segment.  LULZ!

We also have the audio here.  A must hear.


2 Comments on "Video: Mic Snatcher (Capital K) Interview on Go ILL Radio"

  1. Gary indiana stand up-Shout out to Gibbs too
  2. JOe

    ^Fuck Moondawg wanna fit in ass. He would throw his momma under the bus to fit in,Thats some pussy shit. Chicago full of bitches for real

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