Video: The GO! Experiment [Set 4]

Andrew Barber 0

Mikkey Halsted + Ken Rock + The Primeridian (Simeon & Race) + Cold Hard + Naledge + Vic Spencer + Bighomie DOE

Set 4 is quite action packed, as you can see.  Whether you enjoyed sets 1-3 doesn’t quite concern me, but if you don’t enjoy this one…just off the strength of Cold Hard alone…well, I guess we just don’t see eye to eye.  That man took the energy level way up.

Shouts to all the emcees who participated.  Set 5, The final episode will run tomorrow.

And don’t fret, we’re gonna do the Experiment again.  So if you don’t think Chicago was properly showcased, or we were missing emcees…vengeance will be yours.

FSD + Enstrumental + Endangered Peace + Leaders