Jay iLLa – Revenge of the Backpacks 2: Welcome To Chicago Artwork + Tracklist

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You’ve heard about this project for quite some time, and now Mr. iLLaNoize is finally ready to share it with the hip hop internets. March 30th is the drop date. Get your Jansport’s ready. I’ve listened to it front to pack and I give it a thumbs up. You old school enthusiasts will too.

J Ivy – What’s In Yo BackPack!? (Intro)
Nick Kane (the League) – Takin Out You Sucka’s
Skooda,Lungz, YP, Marvo, Que Billah – Banned
Add-2 – Chicago Ain’t Happy
Wreckin Crew – You Local (Interlude)
Phil G & Rashid Hadee – Royalty
Agacee (the League) – Gettin’ Mine
Amilcar & Kamilah Sumner – Stressed Out
Kamilah Sumner – Hell On Earth
Nikki Nikita – Ya City
Jewelz – Does He Look Like A B*tch!?
Juice, Twone Gabz, Mikkey Halsted, Rhymefest- Revenge
Mr Write – BackPacks
Erika Shevon – Story To Tell
Chris Capalano & Agacee – Real N*ggas Do Real Things
Project Mayhem – Boyz N The Hood 2010
Ill Nature – Triumphant
PhiLLaNOise – Oh Man
Jeff Jones – Everything Remains Raw
Hunneds – iLLaShot
Sulaiman – The Planet
Naledge of Kidz In The Hall – Got Cha Open
Twone Gabz – If The World Was A Metaphor
Verbal Kwest – Somethin’ To Do
Psalm One – No Time
Teefa – Go Zoo
Astonish & Scheme – Revere’d
Substance – If U Didn’t Know
Ill Legit, Pugs Atomz, Simeon of Prime Meridian
Add-2, Psalm One, Rashid Hadee, Race of Prime Meridian &amp -Buddy 2010
Crystal LaJuene
Mark Byrd of Project Fr3sh – Paid

Hit the jump for the press release:

Hip Hop Gets Its Revenge On March 30

Rhymefest, Mikkey Halsted, Naledge and more grab the mic for
Revenge Of The Backpacks 2: Welcome 2 Chicago

Chicago, IL/ March 22, 2010- In an era where “lyrics to go” now literally means that lyrics have gone, Chicago’s resident hip hop junkie, DJ Jay Illa, is championing the cause of the people in an effort to bring real hip hop music back to the forefront. With the second installment of his critically-acclaimed mixtape series Revenge Of The Backpacks, Jay Illa has assembled an all-star cast of metaphor monsters to re-create some of the culture’s most beloved joints as well adding some new flavor, combining classic with contemporary like only Jay Illa can.

The mixtape will be available on March 30, 2010 and, in addition to the aforementioned artists, will also feature guest spots from J. Ivy, Nick Kane, Teefa, Agacee, Pugs Atomz, Add-2, Phil G, Que Billah, Amilcar and a host of other emcees from the ‘Go.

“The process was very long but worth it,” says a humble Jay Illa, who immediately began work on Backpacks 2 after the overwhelming response of the inaugural project. “The goal was to pull artists together and show unity. Along the way we made history with the emergence of the group formed by Mikkey, Twone[Gabz], Fest & Juice.”

Already one of the most anticipated projects of the year, the mixtape’s street single “Buddy 2010” featuring Ill Legit, Pugs Atomz, Simeon of Prime Meridian, Add-2, Psalm One, Rashid Hadee, Race of Prime Meridian & Crystal LaJuene has instantly become an anthem for hip hop heads across the country.
In case you missed it, check Buddy 2010 here. Shortly after Revenge Of The Backpacks 2, Illa’s grind will only get heavier as he gears up to release several more projects including his Full Court Press mixtape, a collaboration with four of Chicago’s hottest producers as well as Endangered Peace Presents “IllaVizion” The Mixtape. But never too busy to chop it up with the people, you can always catch him waxing poetic about hip hop or posting exclusive mixes on his official site, www.IllaNoise.net.