The Kanye West Foundation & S.H.O.W. Need Your Help!

Andrew Barber 2

Help these two foundations, who have recently partnered, to get the Pepsi Fresh grant they are looking for to help the Chicago Public School System.

S.H.O.W. was founded to provide motivation to high school students to start improving their grades, attendance and behavior. To do that, we partnered with the Kanye West Foundation and held a concert for 3000 students who improved in school. This year, we are putting on another Kanye West Foundation SHOW. In the 7 schools that we are working with, those who improve their grades, attendance and behavior will receive a ticket to a concert featuring Kanye West. We are applying for this grant because it will help us promote the program in the 7 schools and help students do better in school. Vote for SHOW!

You can watch the video above for more info, and head here to vote.