Video: DJ MoonDawg Interviews Bone Thugs-N-Harmony on WGCI

Andrew Barber 10

If I was the 14 year old version of myself, I would’ve been pretty excited to see this.

Anyhoo, Bone Enterprise (who had it?), were in Chicago over the weekend (sans Bizzy, who I’d probably be most excited to see) for a show at the Congress Theater.  During their stop, they dropped by WGCI to catch up with DJ MoonDawg to talk about their current tour and upcoming album. 

Here’s the rundown of MD’s choice topics:

-Fan love after all these years
-Fitting in to today’s music scene/industry
-Ohio’s impact in the music game today
-The MC Brains throwback story….”Dat Was Some Hoe Shit!”
-Krayzie Bone announces new solo compilation project
-What if Easy-E was still here with us today?

MC Brains?  Say word?  Oochie Coochie?   I would’ve asked them who was that person hiding in the building on the E. 1999 Eternal album cover.  No joke.  I always thought it was Eazy.