April 2010


Video: Common & Queen Latifah Surprise PS22 Chorus

A nice gesture from Common & the Queen while on the promo run for Just Wright. What’s up with teacher/dude, though?

Queen Latifah & Common, soon to appear together in JUST WRIGHT, were awesome enough to take the time to meet us at MSR Studios in Manhattan, where we got to jam with them on Queen’s song, “Champion!” It was an amazing gathering of phenomenal musical champions indeed, and big thanks to our two guests, John Maybee, and FOX for arranging this high energy get together!

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Video: YP – Crazy Game

Directed by Leondotcom & Joe Martinez Jr.

My favorite track off YP’s debut Classified finally gets the video treatment. I’ve been waiting on this one. YP bodied the track and Lokey murked the beat. D.O.A.

YP’s new project, Next Up, drops May 3rd, so be on the lookout for that next week.   It’s hosted by the kid Sean Mac and DJ Head Debiase.

Support the project and support YP’s release party tomorrow night at Funk 5/1.  Check the flyer below.  May Day, May Day, it’s going down.


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Scarface Signs Chicago Emcee Griffen

Griffen Gilgamesh may be new to the FSD crowd, but in the immortal words of Mikkey Halsted “those that know, know”.

Griff told me that this deal was going down, it was just a matter of when. The dope part about it is that Scarface discovered Griffen via Twitter, which very well could be a first. ‘Face liked what he heard and quickly offered Griff a spot on his FaceMob Muisc roster.

Says Griffen:

“I dont know if anybody else got signed off Twitter – I know SouljaBoy did it off MySpace, but Twitter is a mufukka. Scarface found me on Twitter, joey…

To get a phone call from someone who you grew up on and who’s work heavily inspired your own work is unreal in itself, but to have one of your idols tell you ‘Your shit is dope, I wanna put my name behind somethin like that’ is beyond ridiculous. The opportunity to work with Scarface in any capacity is a blessing impossible to pass up or take lightly. I have turned down major deals before. 3 or 4 times it was really on and I said no cuz shit didn’t add up. This particular label situation [FaceMob Music] is the perfect fit in respect to what I’ve been in search of from a business, as well as a creative, standpoint and it is my belief that I am the type of artist that a businessman such as Face has been waiting to get a hold of. I am humbled to an insane degree yet eager to get started and look forward to representing the City of Wind properly as a ranking member of the only mob that matters… FACEMOB.”

I also hit Mr. Mr. Scarface for a quote and he had this to say:

“He is one of the most lyrical new comers ive ever heard and trust me I’ve heard a lot im honored to work with such a talent…”

Certified dope. 

Scarface’s FaceMob Music will release Griffen’s album, Apotheosis very soon. Bionik (Aceyalone, Ice-T, Treasure) is to be featured & Tony Baines slated to produce.  Stay tuned.

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