#420 Madness

Andrew Barber 4

Voyce G.I. Go feat. Lucky Lu – Smoke-A-Thon

I guess 4/20 is considered a Hip-Hop Holiday for some, and there’s a lot of SWE (*smoke weed everyday) content floating around, so I thought I’d put them all in one post for those who like to partake.  I still express, though I don’t smoke weed or sess.

More content as it comes…

Gaggie feat. J. White – Get Lifted

Rkitech feat. The Primeridian – Smokey

UpNorthTrips 4/20 Tumblr Tribute (incredible updates all day)

Ray Protege + Contraband – Reefer Madness [Mixtape]

DJ J-Rell – That 4/20 Blend Tape [Mixtape]

Voyce G.I. Go – “Natural Hi”