Chicago’s “Next To Blow” In Hip-Hop Weekly

Andrew Barber 50

Chicago was named as one of Hip-Hop’s nine “Hottest Cities of 2010” in Benzino and Dave Mays’ new publication (do they still own it?) Hip Hop Weekly.

Also within the issue, they hand pick 5 of the Chi’s rising stars and label them next to blow.  The winners are: John Blu, Co Still, MarVo, Bo Deal (and the Killa Klan) and Hot 2 Def (a.k.a. Dat Boy Hot).

Vo’s camp was nice enough to scan the excerpt, so lets highlight his piece:

“MarVo is the ideal Hip-Hop Artist. He’s a rarity, a hardcore rapper that transcends the line between Hip-Hop and Rap, winning respect from hustlers and backpackers alike. Fresh off his “CHANGE” Mixtape hosted by DJ Don Cannon and DJ Head Debiase (The Aphilliates), Vo is back in the lab working on his “Just Add Water” Mixtape with Mz.Stylez (Shade 45/Sirius) and his highly anticipated “V For Vendetta: Gangsta Grillz” Mixtape with DJ Drama. Most notably MarVo co-wrote “Sex Room” which is Ludacris’ latest single with Trey Songz”

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  1. Anonymous

    Wow. Only ones I fucks wit is Marvo & John Blu. Co Still got flow but only shit he been on was Hot 2 Def shit. This worse than the XXL list. Chicago failed once again.

  2. Anonymous

    I can name 10

    Mikkey Sly Freddie Gibbs L.E.P. Mic Terror and can go on. Marvo deserve that spot. You can make a arguement for Bo, H2D & John 2. I see it. This is flawed.

  3. Prolyfic

    That's a real good look!

    Shout to all the artists mentioned!


    I'd say based upon buzz statistics (streets, internets as WELL as INDUSTRY talk)

    1. Mikkey Halsted
    2. Lep Bogusboys
    3. Sly Polaroid
    4. Marvo
    5. Hot 2 Def

  4. Anonymous

    As I understand it, there were supposed to be 10 artists listed from Chicago in the Next 2 Blow section and that definitely included LEP Bogus Boys and Sly Polaroid, but Hip-Hop Weekly could not get an "approved" press release from either camp. You would be amazed at the difference a manager or publicist makes.

  5. hunnid

    people need to stop takin this type of shit personal…its good exposure for those on they bidness, and it aint stoppin nobody else money so big ups to all them cats! Puttin on fa the dont stop here

  6. "Real Nigga Kwotes"


    Stop lying. These dudes are subpar and nobody supports any of them so how will they "blow"????In order to "blow" you have to have a following and supporters. None of them have supporters, because if they did, they wouldnt be sucking the industry's dick trying to get a deal. Let me break it down for you niggas…if you dont have supporters AKA people willing to pay actual money for your brands offerings (shows, cd's, merch) you are not about to "blow", you may have a slight buzz, but "blowing up" get real my nigga. U can be on Fakeshoredrive 20 times a day,, Okayplayer, whatever…. you could even be super popular with all the press in the world….but if niggas aint purchasing your shit through Itunes without a deal and packing your shows then what the fuck makes you think you are gonna blow with the help of a deal. Think about it, niggas are on the internet more than they watch TV these days….so they see you….still no purchases. So if you get a deal and make it to 106 and Park or BET do you think that will change the situation???Now you are getting no support from even more people. Just like the XXL Freshmen 10 last year out of all the motherfuckers they predicted to blow last year none of them blew….the one motherfucker they left off the list blew up larger than the whole Freshmen 10 put together 5 times….Drake. And why???Because that nigga had a following and supporters. Millions of teenage girls who knew him from the internet and Degrassi. How XXL missed this…I have not a fuckin clue. Men lie, women lie, numbers tell the truth. Soulja Boy same thing the nigga had a following before the Crank Dat and still does, thats why he is paid up the ass. If anybody in Chicago could actually blow up i would have to say honestly The Cool Kids had the best chance of being large because they had or still have a global following, but they arent smart enough businesswise to maximize it. If they had a real nigga guiding them like a Steve Stoute or a Chris Lighty/Mona Scott- motherfuckers who know how to brand and market artists to their fullest potential then they would have had 3 classics out by now, a tv show, endorsements, clothing lines, etc etc…. As far as Mikkey Halsted blowing up…I dont see it. He should leave the majors alone, shoot for a strong indie label and focus on making albums to service his core audience. Have a goal of selling 50,000 independent albums. At $7 a pop thats $350,000 in his pocket. More than he will ever make on a major unless he goes platinum…which wont happen with his type of music….its over the head of the common consumer these days. The smartest nigga in the game currently is Freeway, he released the "Stimulus Package" on Rhymesayers label…a good indie that focuses on hip-hop heads and services directly to their core audience and has connections like a major. Im sure if that album sells over 30,000 copies they will be ecstatic because they have realistic expectations of what the album will reap.


  7. Anonymous

    There is a reason no one is paying you for your advice, critique, opinions or expertise. If you REALLY knew the industry so well, you would be getting paid to speak on shit. But you're NOT! You're on FSD commenting for free! Go play on the expressway you weak muthafucka!

  8. Anonymous

    Hot2def, marvo, Bo Deal and John Blu deserve it but was has Costill done besides a weak ass verse on up and down.

  9. Hunnid

    that comment is true, but you cant say jus cause somebody not on that level that they never gon get there…a good look is just that, a 'look' not meant to be a deal breaker cause nobody is gonna donate a career to you..but when i first saw trick daddy in the source back in the day my first thought was 'this mufucka will never sell 1 record' (if you remember the original slip n slide ad, u feel what im sayin)

    the chi is a difficult place; you can have a song in rotation on radio but nobody in the street know you, you can be a vet in the street but not get no play in the club, you can have the club on lock and jus flat out be a wack lyricist. to each his own, but to sell music nowadays you gotta do whatever the next man can't…which in this case was something as simple as a press release im guessing..either way

  10. Anonymous

    I think lep should have taken Costill place but sly shouldn't be on there at all. What has he done since bump been gone? Nothin!!! Thank you!!!!

  11. Anonymous

    This was a good look for Chicago, I think it was just missing the bogus boys. Mic terror, mikkey, glc and those other deuds had a chance and they blew it! I think everybody on the list could arguably be the next to blow.

  12. Anonymous

    Prolyfic a dick eater! What has sly p done! What has mikkey done besides post alot of bullshit everywhere. You need cho ass beat hoe

  13. Mikkey

    Congrats to all the artists that made the mag. It's definitely a good look anytime you get positive exposure. All of those niggas deserve everything they get cuz i've witnessed their grind.

    Co Still and the 89 guys been holdin down the streets for a long time. He been underrated.

    Marvo is one of the best lyricists in the world. Period.

    Bo Deal's resume speaks for itself. They got the streets in a headlock.

    And Blu got HITS…that's why Jive believes and so do I.

    Hot got a nationwide following and the charisma to blow big.

    Let the Hate motivate. Nobody can predicts who gonna do what in the life and careers…that's up to God and the individuals work ethic.

    Shouts to LEP for the MTV look….thats big!

    Chi is doing better than ever and our unity is at it strongest…let's keep building!!!!!!- Mikkey HALSTED

  14. Anonymous

    If you stay amongst your circle of course you wont know what these dudes are about. The biggest problem with Chicago are people who have big mouths but never leave their house. So when artist who have been working hard get some light you think they just popped up. Its time for us to compete to see who brings the CHI to a national level and not who holds us to this local rhetoric. I know I'm doin my part on the low. We need more humble people pushing for this city instead of you narrow minded short sighted egotistical ass haters who aint doin shit. LETS GO GET IT!!!!

  15. Real Nigga Kwotes

    Man all of this "stop hating", "a good look", "progress" and industry motivational bullshit is just that-bullshit. Pointblank if you dont have followers/supporters it all means NADA!!!You can have the worlds greatest team behind you, the best manager, best label, best producer, but if your ass dont have support then YOU HAVE NOTHING!!!! Just look at Stat Quo who had Interscope and Dre……4 years later dropped from label…..because he had no fans to equate the label support. Listen, if you cant sell 30,000 on Itunes alone then a label will not waste time on you. If you cant sell out a show…a label aint fuckin with you. If you cant numerically prove that you have a buzz or a following then you're not getting a deal from a major, PERIOD. Them days are dead.Its like this, with the internet the labels dont have to do the guess work anymore, the proof is there if people will fuck with you.

    Secondly, why in the year 2010 with the internet and an overload of entertainment outlets do rappers in Chicago feel as if we have to support them…I dont get it. So if you are wack as fuck, I should buy your crappy album because you just so happened to live in the same city that I live in??? Why should I waste money on something I wont listen to twice especially when I can go to and get free music from rappers who are actually good.

    Thirdly I've heard every rapper on that list and seriously they all talk the same street bullshit that every other rapper talks about….and I dont wanna hear that Marvo talks about the struggle..yea…and so does Nas, AZ, and Common….like these niggas are all boring and thats why they have no following/supporters.


  16. Anonymous

    I'd say based upon buzz statistics (streets, internets as WELL as INDUSTRY talk)

    1. Mikkey Halsted
    2. Lep Bogusboys
    3. Sly Polaroid
    4. Marvo
    5. Hot 2 Def

    ^^ if these the best that CHI has to offer then Im not gonna be a fan anymore, they all doing they thang but… they aint whats hot right now.. bad look .. only one on the list I might consider is Mikkey & Co Still .. & both of them are about 10 years too late.. plus they need to bring back that chi shit, stop trying to make radio hits

  17. Anonymous

    What do U Critics Do for a living? In the words of the Late Great 2PAC "It's just like a Nigga to hate on the next man cuz he trying and U ain't"

  18. Fuckyoswag

    Notice this was next to blow….so if these cats ain't then who. WHO? i MEAN Really what do you ppl like? Cuz if it ain't yo "manz n'dem" your panties get in a twist!!!!

  19. Anonymous

    That's a real good look!

    Shout to all the artists mentioned!


    I'd say based upon buzz statistics (streets, internets as WELL as INDUSTRY talk)

    1. Mikkey Halsted
    2. Lep Bogusboys
    3. Sly Polaroid
    4. Marvo
    5. Hot 2 Def

    Prolyfic you're such a dick rider.Nigga you had jay z and lupe on 1 of your beats and you still aint ON shit nor doing shit.Begging niggas to get on your shit.such a bitch ass nigga
    Shut your weak ass up,you pussy before we come and fuck you up
    Where your shit at? You don't have shit with nobody on this list.get yo weak ass outta here

    prolyfic you're such a fag. thats why you aint on shit now
    bitch ass nigga
    you better watch your fucken mouth
    we'll show you a buzz or a street team
    keep talking shit bitch

    lep does deserve to be on the list but other than that this list is cool

  20. Anonymous

    Its not suspect
    those cats just not popping right now
    why you cats just cant accept the fact that this is whats popping right now
    mic terror,mikkey and hollywood holt had their chances already
    let some new cats rep tha chi
    stop hating so fucking much
    folks should be happy that chicago even have a list

  21. Anonymous

    listen, this list couldve been different but its obvious that these cats have made sure the right people know what they can while everybody else is spitting to their homeboys and the people listening is only listening to their homeboys,u got these cats thats been in the right place at the right time.the truth of the matter is all those artist can use this article as a reference to atleast get a good look. and i hope all of them capitolize so they can move some of you hating as rappers up in there spots.chi town is suppose to embrace these cats not hate. good luck everybody that made the cut cuz in some kind of way, u must have earned it.

  22. Shayla G!

    Congrats to all who were on the list…Though I saw some people omitted I would of liked to see..It was a good look overall!!…

    Peace to

    A.I (wait till u here them)
    Hollywood Holt
    Twon Gabbz
    Mic Terror
    Mick Luter (where you @ cuz??

  23. Anonymous

    If you think your better or know someone who is better. Reach out for a colab so you can shine harder than the next. Like it, love it or hate it.

  24. Etown Fuse

    You have to respect it cuz when your out of town an say your from the the CHI and people react the way they do its not cuz they know you. Its because other artist/people have left a good impression.


    its like the new artists took away the true essence of this genre of music. wen i hear nowadays music i dont feel connected to it. right now the games a mess and alot of artists are lost in the business.

  26. Anonymous

    True but what are the real artist/hip hoppers doin to balance whats going on? The blessing an curse of keeping it real makes the road more difficult. Look at careers of artist who made it by fitting in then by the 2nd or 3rd album you got a clearer feel of who they were creatively. Nas, Common(sense) & OutKast to name a few. You got to get in the game to change it otherwise your just on the bench or the bleachers pouting.

  27. K.MORRIS

    I am slightly confused.. Why people continue to say that people like Mikkey, Mic Terror, Hollywood Holt, Cool Kids, and etc, have missed the boat? What boat is this and when did it come? In other words, these guys r scratching the surface of their buzz potential… Once these dudes, and others, start releasing new projects and getting recognized, you all going to be dick riding super hard..

  28. dont worry

    why is everyone sayin that these weak leaders/jugernaut wearin rappers need to be on that list? you get your name mentioned when u actually make music and it gets played. if u “recording” but dont have anything to prove it just shut up. all these rappers yall are mentioning are not doing anything with their “careers” they all need a 9 to 5 before they end up living under a bridge.

  29. Arjaye

    If Ya’ll Wanna Hear Real Chi-Town Rapper Its This Group My Guy Put me On With Called “The Era”
    I Jus Heard They Mixtape The Is Crazy Good Real Talk These Kids I Think They Like 19 or 20 But They are Awsome For Thier Age Here Is The Download Link They Gave Me To Download Thier Mixtape….Its Called “Pre-Season” Its On Too

  30. New york rep

    If everybody supported chicago artists like dj’s , radio personnel, clubs etc etc….instead of hating…everyone should support the small light the industry is tryiing to shine on the city of chicago especially since its such a huge market with a small representation of musicians coming from the chi….

  31. you guys are right about one thing they are all hot,but you guys are sleep on fuji mollotti from cabrini mob ent.that boy has some fire and is currently in talks with byrdgang capo jim jones…go check this boy out he is hot to deff!!!!!!!!

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