Mixtape: Rhymefest – Dangerous: 5-18

Andrew Barber 2

Shouts to NahRight for the premiere and RTC for the mix.

This mixtape serves as the prelude to El Che, which drops 5/18/10.  Get it?

The good news?  It features a song I’ve waited on for like two years – the Just Blazed produced “Touch & Go”, which was known around the internets as “B-Boy Anthem“.  Not sure why he didn’t keep it for El Che.  A lot of these songs were actually slated to appear on the early version of El Che, which I heard a few years ago.

Rhymefest – Dangerous: 5-18

Hit the jump for song credits and more…

01 Intro

02 Martyr [prod. by Animal House]

03 How High ft Little Brother & Darien Brockington [prod. by S1 & Caleb]

04 Letter ft John Mayer [prod. by Animal House]

05 Familiar Faces [prod. by Emile]

06 In Between [prod. by Infinite]

07 Bad Self ft Rahzel [prod. by Large Professor]

08 Touch & Go ft Kid Capri [prod. by Just Blaze]

09 Get Plugged ft Little Brother, Elzhi (of Slum Village) & Twone Gabz [prod. by DJ Jazzy Jeff]

10 Do It Again [prod. by Animal House]

11 What Do I Do ft Mike Payne [prod. by Animal House]

12 Vibin’ [prod. by Dub Sonata]

13 Crack The Code ft Skyzoo [prod. by Beatnick & K-Salaam]

14 Do It To Death ft Little Brother & Supastition [prod. by Focus…]

15 Can’t Help It ft Twone Gabz [prod. by Excel]

16 Bring It Back [prod. by DJ Jazzy Jeff]

17 Outro