Napalm – The Coolest (Freestyle)

Andrew Barber

More new music from Chicago’s #1 party boy, Napalm.  Here he goes in over some Soundtrakk production.  What’s cooler than being cool?

Napalm – The Coolest (Freestyle)

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  • jimmy

    same lame ass white boy shit. trying to prove himself loving hiphop and wanting to be apart of it minus the wigger influence. lol wrap it up cuz. hiphop isn’t the best place for white people like you.

  • James l

    Shitty ass mixdown…

  • Jay

    I think this is a dope assss lyrical remix! Kid is straight raw!! Keep doing your thing NaPalm….freshest style i’ve heard in a while. Jimmy – it’s 2010 and you are still talking about race? Our president is black, the best rapper in the world is white (eminem- debatable I know), the best golfer is black, the biggest dude in the NBA is Chinese…. times have changed playboy…stop looking at the picture of him and just open your ears. Sorry…no disrespect to you just don’t really appreciate the race comments. We are all better than that.

  • jimmy

    like it or not white people are the blk sheep to hiphop its the only thing that “majority” minorities have for themselves. white people steal everything. they stole r&b and rock in roll turned it 2 the british invasion and hair metal. there are pre existing black punk bands before sex pistols and so forth they even took 70’s soul and funk and turned it into disco. even now hiphop and r&b music is sooo contrived because of corporate american standards. like it of not when the wrong “white” people take shit with substance they exploit it to its fullest extent and it looses all life.

  • Really?

    Really? Gtfo … Music has been around for centuries, you have only named a few genres that other cultures ‘may’ have influenced. Let’s go with white people invented almost every instrament used… There go ahead, argue against how all music isn’t based on instaments… Oh and recording devices for that matter. Dick, music is music, anyone can make it however anyone wants. Stop playing the race card.

  • jimmy

    no race card fuck boy its real SHIT any person cant make or play a instrument. but white people have soul. now prove that thats no FACT!! i dont give a fuck how good jon mayer is on the guitar he ain’t fucking with price and slash is even half blk. hiphop is ethnic culture dumb dick. it was created from kids that didnt have much to make music with in the 1st place.

  • jimmy

    hahahahahahahaha u idiots will argue anything on here even when i make no complete sense. smh

  • Really?

    Do you know how I know you are black Jimmy? You don’t know how to communicate in proper sentences. Maybe you need to lay off the blogs and go back to grade school. Real talk. Enjoy minimum wage.

  • bd

    Judging music by race is dumb, trying to say something isn’t as good because someones a certain race doesn’t even make sense I mean ur listening to it. Anyway it was decent but nobody will go in over this like lu

  • bd

    oh and @Really? no “white” people didnt invent the majority of the instruments, the majority come from all over the world that people have made changes to over time

  • Really?

    You are right, other races did invent some instruments… But the guitar, piano, saxaphone, violin, standard drumset, modern keyboard, bass guitar… All caucasion. Not trying to start a race thread, but seriously get off the fact that races own genres of music.

  • TheWindy

    This is the stupidest thread I have ever read. Music is all about “music”… and someone’s expression. If you dont like the music. dont listen to it. There isnt one artist that caters to everyone. Im local anbd just began following this kid….he has a big heart from what Ive heard and he has a dope story and flow in my opinion…but thats mine.

    Moreover, he has balls of steel for goin at the game…regardless of color….and obviously hella people backing him, judging by his fan page. Get off the race shit. Its been wayyy old dorks.

    p.s. From his page, it looks like he was handpicked to open for Mike Posner at V Live later in April….you may not like Posner either….but he has a sold out college tour that does. To each his own peeps.

    You keep blogging…and they’ll keep performing for packed houses. Boom.


    jimmy-ur just a dumb racist fuck, probably insecure with the fact that your black and napalm can spit better than your weak ass. TREATED!!

  • G@MW

    Good music of dude chasin a dream – respect to anybody (black, white, red or yellow) who’s got passion for what they do.

    “fuck jesse jackson cause it aint about race now” The Game


    almost forgot JIMMY…u should figure out where music started and where your “brothers” got the influence. GUESS WHAT DUMB FUCK???!!!!! look it up weak ass dude.

  • RealTalk

    OK this race ish is some BS. Get off it. But lemme say this. I liked homey’s production even though the lyrics are a lil whack but damn, no artist is gonna get my respect if he spends his time pretendin to be a fan n commenting on internet blogs talkin himself up…….. or at least don’t be so damn obvy about it. Let ur music speak for itself n get its own support without tryin to generate false hype bro. Lame………..

    O @TheWindy……. CMON now. I’m not hatin cuz I’ve partied with Nape and was fukked outta my mind too haaaa but dude is a party animal doin coke n molly every night and gettin p*ssy. He’s a fun dude but great story??? …….. heart of gold?!!!! LOL Be real………..!

  • bd

    yea im kinda tired of hearin about this dudes facebook page and whatever. fans on facebook does not equal fans that will support. have you seen some of the people that are on facebook they’ll accept any group or fan page you throw at them, im pretty sure most of those people have just been forwarded that request and accepted. and im really trying to give this dude a chance but his personalities starting to annoy me, if anyone doesnt like his music hes quick to call them a hater and try and have his fans attack and defend him. stop talking so much and just make music

  • Camilo

    I bet my life Hip Hop innovators love to see their creation grow and become something FRESH. Hip-Hop was about a new sound, a new culture, a revolution of the mind and tongue. If you can’t feel how a couple of white kids take Hip Hop and make it something new, by for example mixing it with electro, you really can’t appreciate the spirit of Hip Hop in the first place. Napalm is FRESH, and I bet you big time Hip Hop producers with an eye on the future will recognize that.

    If you are black, and you listen to Hip-Hop you have a right to think Napalm lyrics are lame and you dont feel the beat. But you have to realize not all Hip Hop moving forward is gonna sound like KRS ONE. Moving forward Hip Hop will continue to evolve, and has been evolving, into things like Reggaton and French people rapping. Let me ask you this? Would the black people on this page that dont like Napalm rapping over an electro/hip-hop beat have anything to say about Daddy Yankee rapping over a salsa/hip hop beat? I know black people in the US generally love Reggaton and accept it but that’s Puerto Ricans taking Hip-Hop and doing their own thing…so what’s the big deal about a white kids doing the same thing with electro beats? As music fan I would much rather have artists coming out with new shit than the last decade of black rappers that sound identical and rap about the same shit the rappers in the 1990’s did. Obviously there where some exceptions.

    I find it comical some of you get caught up on Napalm rapping about Drugs. I also bet you my life you bought a CD from a black rapper that not only did drugs, but sold them, and people that also were pimps and sold women. GET OUTTA HERE complaining about people rapping about the very real party scene. To me, that’s a white boy keeping it real, rapping about the shit he does and that I do on the weekends. “Party Two Days Straight” (one of his awesome songs)….dont mind if I do, shit I just did last weekend…not sorry for partying

    Lastly, let’s get one thing straight. I dont think Napalm is trying to be an underground rap artist. The kid is obviously trying to put out some club bangers and get radio play. Simply cus he is not the next Mos Def or Rakim, does not mean there isn’t a large market demand for what he is serving. If you guys had an open mind you would realize success when you see it. All of you talk like you are Dr. Dre and you know talent, but there is a difference between talent and marketability. I like a lot of underground Hip Hop from raw artists that have MAD talent, but they wont ever sell 25% of the music Napalm can sell…and that’s cus he is both. Go to sleep Haters, and keep dropping some new music Napalm, you are never gonna please everyone and that does not mean you aint dope.

    PS: See you at the Posner/Napalm concert


    fuck blacks na-palm killed this beat wtf are you talking about jimmy he killed it harder than lupe. na palm if your ever down to polish my knob at our next meeting shoot me a email. we would love to squirt some 100% arian man juice on your face again. KILL ALL BLACKS

  • yeppp

    ok its either napalm or his team stanning his posts and spamming the site because no one cares that much to write all that bullshit. no, no one ever said that he has to be the greatest lyrical rapper ever but it doesnt give him an excuse to make crappy lazy party music so that he can just get famous fast. sorry for my opinion go ahead write a book about how im wrong but i wont support this kid. and everyone needs to stop making this a race thing, black or white this kid isnt good, again sorry its my opinion cry about it. tell him to get off his dumbass partying bullshit that has no substance, i dont care if its what he does but he can rap about his life and put meaning behind it no matter what its about not make douchebag music

  • lol

    Bitch this last dude just dont party lol

  • Camilo

    “Rolling Down the street, smoking indo, sipping on Gin and Juice”-Snoop Dog circa 1993

    “I don’t brass monkey, like to be funky, Nickname Eazy-E yo’ 8 BALL junkie”-Eazy E with N.W.A-1987

    “But it was just a dream for the teen, who was a fiend
    Started smokin woolies at sixteen
    And running up in gates, and doing hits for high stakes
    Making my way on fire escapes
    No question I would speed, for cracks and weed
    The combination made my eyes bleed”-Raekwon-WU-TANG1993

    “(You know what?) Live like a hustla
    ‘Cause I ain’t with bein’ broke
    I’m rollin’ dope, and I’m bound to let the gun smoke
    I’m gettin’ richer everyday because
    I’m selling crack, and, yo, police ain’t jack”-Bizzie-Bone Thugs and Harmony-1994

    “Pimp C bitch! So what the fuck is up?
    Step wrong nigga and I’ll take ya fuckin nuts!
    Got mo’ dope than a pharmacy ho
    Got a job for the city bitch I’m shovelin snow”-UGK 1988

    I just dropped some of the biggest names from the biggest groups in Hip Hop, and I dont even have time to get into crazier DRUG, RAPE, MURDER quotes from DMX, Ice Cube, 3 Six Mafia, and many, many more. Quit being such GOD DAMN HYPOCRITES cus a white rapper talks about partying you fucking jokes. Black rappers have been talking about partyin doing coke, crack and selling ho’s for 30years…Napalm does one song about “partying” and you fucking act lile rap is for nuns and black people dont do it? Also, go back and read the lyrics from 75% of rappers and you will realize that not only is it barely english, they dont stand up to what Napalm spits. Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery.

    and I’m out

  • RealTalk

    @bd WORD………..

    This is not about race. Black, white, whatthefukkever, his lyrics are unoriginal n really lame at times…….. the sound is tight as hell….. but good production doesn’t make someone a good artist…….. n a truly good artist gets REAL fans by staying in the studio making music or performing and blastin it to ppl, not by him and his posse going apesh*t on FB and internet blogs. Do u think Jay-z, Dre, Kanye, Em, or even Posner and their crews sit around posting online about how cool they r n commenting on blogs about how awesome their music is? FUKK NO……….. u shouldn’t have to try to convince ne1 how tight ur music is if it is so good.

    …….. n DUH rappers do drugs n party…… but ppl are saying Nape’s got a “great heart” n “great story” trying to make him out to be something he isnn’t. I’m just saying be real!!!!!! Nape just loves partying n is trying to make a career out of it. Partying n gettin laid is a helluva lot more fun than being a salesman like he was haaaaa…….. I don’t blame the kid for trying…..

  • RealTalk

    p.s. Camilo u sound like u need a hug……. haaaaaa but seriously ur missing the point n are being so damn defensive n did I mention crazy. Ur proving what every1 is saying is true…… ur obvy either Nape or one of his lemmings…… or he’s givin u some good dick….. haaaaaa

  • yeppp

    lmao at this kid quoting some of the greats acting like this lame is anywhere close. just because niggas have talked about the same shit doesnt mean their whole fuckin careers were based off bein a lame ass douchebag.

    and co-sign@RealTalk
    you niggas on here are the fuckin definition of internet rappers talkin bout facebook fans and shit. niggas are worse then joe budden fans. the only reason someone could actually sit through this song is because of the lupe beat but thats about it

  • Beatz4Days

    Some of these comments are ridiculous. I am sure Na Palm does have a “team” backing him up if he announces he is on a blog…that dont mean its him though or there is something wrong with that. And I would assume he is in the studio making music while you all generate his buzz. Thats clear.

    I have never even heard of him, either, til a couple months ago, which means he is doin pretty damn good with the buzz he is makin and shows he is doin this quick. Big ups. And yes, I will speak for him if he doesnt mind…..he is an internet rapper, I would assume, at this point…thats how hella peeps popped off in the last few years. He doesnt have an album yet obviously, might be workin on a mixtape or whatev, but the name of the game is get fans growing (insert FB and internet). Thats the tool he is using it looks like….and its working apparently. I dont think he or his “team” are acting like he is a superstar (yet)…they are just passionate about his grind and some choose to defend him on blogs.

    He is constantly putting out music as I follow his page….it just so happens he isnt of interest to some of you on this blog. Big deal. Again, opening for Posner. Nuff said. I dont think this kid is going away anytime soon…so either get used to it or plug your ears. Im callin this kid is gonna be on the map nationally by 2011.

  • Camilo

    yes Napalm is pretending to be a really handsome latino man called Camilo.

    RealTalk-hypocracy get’s me hyped up, not to mention black people acting racist get’s me hyped up too. I agree with you that he or his team shouldn’t brag about his own shit when they are covered, generally the bragging should be left to us the fans, but the kid does have a marketing team and it’s their job to do that, promote and markert. I’m sure they are also learning how all this is done best. The reason why rappers generally dont have the type of marketing Napalm has from the get go is simple, they can’t afford it. I mean Napalm already dropped a well produced video so he has to have financial backing…but you can’t blame or hate him soley cus he has the marketing end wraped up… There have also been plenty of artists from day 1 with a promoter or promoters. Shit Biggy had Piddy promoting his shit until he made it in all the NY clubs, Diddy ‘s job at first was as promoter, that’s it. There are other examples too.

    I’m a Napalm fan and I writting on this Hip Hop blog cus I listen to rap.When I heard Napalm was on it I came and checked it out…isn’t hat how these things are supposed to work? Maybe to you it seems impossible that Napalm could have these many fans cus I’ve seen the other rappers and they dont have this type of following, maybe that’s why it seems fake to some of you guys…but go to his facebook page and you will see he has 15,552 fans…isn’t feasible that if he posts something about being on a blog thousands of his fans will go to that blog? You guys just can’t accept it is what it is. Napalm already has a larger following than tens of thousands of artist that have been doing this shit for years, many of who could arguably have more talent, so he is obviously doing shit right and he just got started. If you can appreciate the music, at least appreciate how it’s done right before your eyes. What’s the point of having the sickest flow if only your High School buddies hear it?

    and yeah I need a hug, from your mom.

  • yeppp

    lmao man these comments

    we dont believe you, you need more people

    but theyll probly be fake

  • lol

    Alrite imma b real here and say Na Palm wouldnt b coming to perform with this guy named Mike Posner if Na Palm wasnt legit…..the boy can spit and fill clubs, chek it

  • RealTalk

    @ Camilo….. she does have a thing for Latinos…… but she can’t stand toolbags who talk about themselves in the 3rd person……… so there’s a chance she’d be down but no guarantees……. sorry bro….. lol

    fyi these FB pages have a big following too…….must mean something significant…….i bet they are gonna be huge in 2011…..

    “Join if your legs were crossed and/or your left hand was touching your face”….. 297,622 fans


    “I love it when boys hug me from behind..! =) ♥” ……..20,953 fans….. i see that u r in this group Camilo…… haaaaaa

    “Your mom”…….100,435

    ….. I think u get my point…… I’m not hatin. I like the sound of his music despite the lyrics being whack…….. but him and his lil FB n internet buddies r startin to annoy every1 w how defensive they r……… stop takin any negative posts so personally n chill the fukk out. let the music speak for itself.

  • mike

    don’t try to back him off mike posner that dose not make him “LEGIT” mike posner is good but he hasn’t even put out a album yet. na palm is a wack ass druggie bitch made white boy who can’t rap period. get over it

  • Michael Lawrence

    There’s good music and bad music. This unfortunately isn’t very good and more awful than anything else. I am not a “hater” but simply a realist. I think it’s great that he is trying to make an impact and contribution to “hip hop” but do yourself a favor and listen to De La Soul or Gangstarr and then listen to this and let me know how this compares. I know there is a lot of junk music out there that is popular, but this this is more of the similar problem and not more of the solution. Not gonna work out.

  • Luana

    I LOVE NA PALM! He’s legit maaaan.

  • EnclaveChicago

    We had him as a guest last summer, awful. No one wanted him on stage and when he was done wailing with his live un-autotuned voice the dj came on and the real party started.

    Can this loser just quick already. LMFAO already accomplished what you are trying to copy.

    Dirty Girls Like Dirty Beats.. you’ve got to be kidding me HA FAG

  • BG

    Confirmed and legit, Mr Na Palm was on the golf team at his high school from the mean streets of rockford. Your music is god awful, your videos are worse. Your performance at Enclave a couple of weeks ago just made me kick out enclave of my club rotation.

  • Na Palm Sucks

    Na palm? More like GayPalm. This is not hip hop. Fuck this dumb ass white boy. These are the absolute weakest rhymes I have ever heard and I don’t imagine ever hearing anything worse. This is not even music, just his personal masturbation. And you guys listened to him masturbate.

  • Na Palm Sucks

    And yeah, he is INFACT a priviledged kid from Rockford. I also don’t know wnyone who’s gotten his ass beat as often for being a lame ass prick. ‘All we do is fuck and party?’ No sir, all u do is suck.

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