Site News

Andrew Barber 19

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your eardrums.  FSD will be going through site maintenance this evening (err…early tomorrow morning) from the hours of 12am-4am.  It may take longer, but hopefully if everything goes as planned we’ll be ahead of schedule.  Just stick with us as things will be back to normal shortly.  Last time this happened, people thought I just up and deleted the site.  That’s not the case.  Not yet at least.

In the mean time, in between time, you can check out my new Tumblr page, The FSD Tumble, which was inspired by super dope Tumblr sites by Noz & UpNorthTrips (CNTRBND & FuriouStylez as well).  I’ll be covering non-Chicago (and Chicago) stuff there, but mostly just random thoughts, videos, songs and ideas. 

As you were.