Video: The Great Debaters Vol. 3: Rhymefest vs. L.E.P. Bogus Boys

Andrew Barber 5

Many moons ago (around two years ago), I did a segment on FSD entitled ‘The Great Debaters’, a collaboration with Rhymefest, where we paired him up against other artists to debate various hot-button topics. It started off hot, but hey, things come and go, and Great Debaters only happened twice. That is until ‘Fest was chatting with RTC, and a new topic of debate sparked: Chicago.

As you know, people like to classify various “genres” of hip-hop in general; and even more so in the City of Chicago. Gangsters vs. Backpackers, Hipsters vs. Conscious rappers. The list can go on and on. Bottom line: Chicago has a lot of different artists doing a lot of different things. And I for one know from running this site – it’s hard to please everyone. In fact, it’s damn near impossible.

So in order to shed some light on this subject we paired up El Che with Infared Music and the L.E.P. Bogus Boys for a “roundtable discussion” on Chicago music, politics and furthering our movement. It’s absolutely a must watch. Feel free to share your comments and enjoy.

Special thanks to Sindre Ronningen for the camera work and edits.


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