You’re Bogus of the Day: Gov. Quinn To Tax Downloads?

Andrew Barber 3

Well isn’t this something.  As if Chicagoans aren’t already taxed enough, Governor Quinn is trying to pass a 6.25% sales tax on downloaded music and movies.  You think we have a problem with people downloading free music now?  Pssh.  I know we have to take steps to bail out the states $13 billion defecit, but c’mon son.  This is bogus.

But the proposed digital download tax, while not immediately a huge revenue generator for the state, could have the broadest reach considering how many people walk around with an iPod or iPhone in their pockets.

Now, digital downloads are not taxed by state government, depriving Springfield of up to $10 million in revenues annually. But that figure could grow over time as more people download entertainment from Internet sites such as iTunes and Amazon.

Read the full story here.  Thoughts?