YP Gets The Q-Tip Cosign

Andrew Barber 21

I’m not sure what you had going on this week, but YP was busy getting shouted out by one of the greatest rappers of all time, Q-Tip.

In a recent interview with Brooklyn Bodega, Tip (no Cliff) was asked if there were any up-and-coming rappers he was checking for and the first name out of his mouth was Chicago’s very own YP.

BB: Are there any new up-and-coming artists you are checking for? People we should look out for?
Q-Tip: This cat YP from Chicago who is nice. This group SKI, Spree Wilson, Rocky Marciano from Brooklyn – he’s nice. Amanda Diva – I also fucks with her.

Can I get a “Holy Shit!” from the congregation?  Damn.  I honestly can’t think of a better hip-hop cosign than ATCQ’s front man.  I know YP & Q linked up a few months ago and are planning on getting it in again soon, but either way, congrats to YP for this look.  I even heard Q bumps Classified in the whip. 

Round of applause.