Mixtape: Reno Chinati – Reno The Cyborg

| June 25, 2010 | 11 Comments

Hosted and mixed by DJ Broadway Streetz

Reno turns Cyborg on his latest release.  Half man, half amazing robot.

This Is The New Mixtape From Reno Chinati Hosted By Phli DJ Broadway Streetz Sponsored By Phli. This Mixtape Features YP, Rockie Fresh, Nick-N-Beans, Zack Crawford And Max Payne.

Reno Chinati – Reno The Cyborg

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  1. Jason says:

    Downloading now!

  2. kisha says:

    Renoooo! I likes!!!!

  3. RMEG says:

    Music is dope and the beat selection is great but its something about that cover that says illuminati all over it.
    Reno word of advice don’t take the oath fam its not worth it in the long run.
    Your too good to sell out like most of these artist like kanye and common.

  4. ChiCityColdCity says:

    I’m so tired of niggas talkin about this illimunati shit, if these rappers wanna sell their soul to the devil for riches and get done in the booty then let em, as long as they keep makin good music who gives a shit. Stop blaming a cult of fags for your shortcomings bums.

  5. Jason says:

    in the words of Ed Lover…CMON SON!!
    RMEG what does a cd cover got to do with the illuminati??
    You watch too much tv homie

  6. Jason says:

    And by the way I’m only a quarter through the cd cause I keep rewinding joints back good work Reno!

  7. RMEG says:

    Please dont get mad at me because your favorite artist sold their soul for riches from lupe to common to kanye all sold their soul to advance in their career. What’s really bad is upcoming artist are following this trend which is a devilish trend. Now that I look at some of reno videos he does things that promote this illuminated masonic trend and all I’m saying to reno is do not go down that road like all these sell out artist call me what you want but the truth is a mofo. His music is really good better than most stuff out here he do not need the masons or illuminati to do it.

  8. JSeyf says:

    I can personally assure you the cyborg is not apart of the illuminati


    Congrats to Reno for another successful project. The illuminati talk is crazy, if anything this cover says Transformers, Terminatior 2, or just robot. Good Job Chinati, and all of the other artists that are creating powerful projects. PEACE


  10. RMEG says:

    Good job reno people on here are taking me the wrong way i just dont want you to end up crazy like kanye or commiting suicide like kurt cobaine dont take the oath thats all im saying cause they will come at you trust me. good luck

  11. Don P says:

    Thats my dude. keep gettin it in gee.
    Your Fellow artist/friend understands the concept you were going towards
    just saying that your almost a robot with this rap sh*&… like not stopping for
    nothing, no emotions about it, just grinding with a goal. keep grinding family.

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