Video: The Game Wants To Reunite w/ G-Unit [Tone & Shag Go To Hollywood Pt. 1]

Andrew Barber 12

Yep, it appears Jayceon has had a change of heart (zing!) regarding Curtis and the Guerilla Unit.  Here, The Game surprisingly admits he wants to get the band back together, and claims he was the motor that keep the G-Unit engine running.  Huh, what?  He even tosses in a “G-Unit!” call for good measures.  This can’t be life!

This is Part 1 of our week long Tone & Shag Go To Hollywood series, featuring Power 92’s Hot Boyz, Tone & Shag.  They were out in the City of Angels last weekend for the BET Awards and nailed down a slew of interviews and features that we’ll be bringing to you on FSD.   Stay tuned.

12 Comments on "Video: The Game Wants To Reunite w/ G-Unit [Tone & Shag Go To Hollywood Pt. 1]"

  1. MIcChecker


  2. maaannnn

    duuuude,this is like mic terror asking for a mazzi track! seriously, game ethered g-unit, but dr. dre still pulls the (money)strings so dudes is ike “squash thr beef, lets get paid. LAAAME!!! whats next, a duet with olivia?

  3. Luckie2k10

    all that shit he went thru with g unit, why would he wanna fuck with them again, that shit dead.. leave it alone

  4. YoPendleton

    Look even in the case G-Unit gets back together, Its gonna be some weak ass shit! 50 Fell Off. Game is Falling Off. Where is Buck? Tony Where the Yayo? And Banks? Well Banks needs to distance his ass from the G-Unit shit and keep hittin heavy on his mixtapes like he has been. Do I even dare suggest that maybe Dre is falling off his rocker, out of touch with things a little bit? Honest to god what was the last banger of Dre beat you heard? I think that Interscope/Aftermath/G-Unit ship may have run its course a few years back, great run, hope they still got the money! The new school is knockin at the door and dudes like Game can get lost in the mix with one bad album drop.

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