Bun B feat. Twista & Cedric The Entertainer – Speak Easy

| July 30, 2010 | 4 Comments

I’ve been looking forward to this one – even more so than that joint with 2Pac abd Pimp C.  I actually saw this one come to fruition, so that’s that.  Trill O.G. in stores next Tuesday (August 3rd)

Bun B feat. Twista & Cedric The Entertainer – Speak Easy

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  • http://defsounds.com M.Web

    Bun’s album came out great…. People need to support this

  • http://www.solomobempire.com Solo Mob Empire

    Yo Andrew I like how yo took a song we submitted & never played it but yet take this & act like it’s the 1st time u hear the shit son! For months we been submitting HOT shit to ur site nigha & u ain’t show NO love to this side! NO DISRESPECT to these dudes on the track BUT do the HONORS of putting up the REAL track son & let the people decide what they like! Show the Chi how the shit really went down! What A Hater Think by Solo Mob Empire BEEN in yo INBOX! SMH, you wanna talk about UNITY? Give ONE reason why YOU ain’t put up a DAMN thing we been submitting you? A mixtape hosted by B96′s Julian OnThe Radio / Wyclef Warrior DJ Tecnine, Young Buck show, Triple C’s show, etc etc! Yo Chi-City feel FREE to visit http://www.myspace.com/solomobempire where u will find the REAL track to this beat!

  • oNo

    look what Pro done started. now everybody gonna come on fsd bitching. smh.


    HTOWN stand UP !