Griffen – Reign

| July 3, 2010 | 11 Comments

Off Englewood: A Tale of Two Cities

Griffen – Reign

Props GWHH


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  1. The Honest One says:

    this the guy claiming to be signed to scareface? yeah right, 2pac will comeback before face ever puts out an album from this guy. bullshit

  2. lol says:


  3. Professor Pickle says:

    Incredible song!!! Always impressed with Griffen’s lyricism!

  4. tharealist says:

    face had to been gone off white if he gave ol boy a deal

  5. Drkr[img] says:

    Is this guy any good? I heard that 1 song he had, wasn’t feeling it

  6. Griffen312 says:

    Apotheosis will surprise u. Say no more…

  7. Griffen312 says:

    oh – and I aint claiming shit…. Face said it, I didnt.

    This song is about some REAL shit. Maybe if I made up a dance and said a bunch of ignant shit, you’d be at Best Buy to get ur copy…..

    First smile of the day. Thanks…

  8. T-Y Green says:

    As always good shit foofoo! Real dudes make moves while suckas stay wishing! C’S UP!!! ENGLEWOOD CRAZY!!!

  9. kwik says:

    Yessir! This dude is dope! Signed or not! Endofstory!

  10. Gene says:

    He snapped….keep pushing bro! NO GREY AREA!

  11. music lover says:

    This shit is hot! Griffen is a real emcee.

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