July 2010


GunSmoke [Mick Luter + SC] – HollySmoke

Here’s a popular question I get: “Yo Drew, where is Mick Luter?” or “Where the HELL has Mick Luter been hiding?” , and I usually just respond with “He’s working” or “He’s on his way back”.  Well, the Mick man commeth, and he’s got SC in tow.

The MC/Producer combo, formally known as GunSmoke, is hard at work on their self-titled debut LP.  It’s been a long time coming and I know many are excited…let’s just hope they don’t make us wait too much longer.  I’ve seen this movie before.  Ha!

Welcome back Mick.  Yadigski!  More from GunSmoke and their Smokey theme coming soon. 

GunSmoke [Mick Luter + SC] – HollySmoke

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