Skooda Chose & Twista – Heavy [No DJ]

Andrew Barber 6

Produced by the Blended Babies

Possibly my favorite (at least top three) track from Skooda Chose’s latest mixtape TFM2 (download here), which dropped a few weeks back.  Finally, I’ve gotten my hands on a No DJ version of this collabo from Skooda and the GMG boss, Twista.  The Blended Babies laced the beat for this one. 

Skooda Chose & Twista – Heavy [No DJ]

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6 Comments on "Skooda Chose & Twista – Heavy [No DJ]"

  1. pro

    chose always bring the haters out!lol naw this beat is a knocker …… not his best shit but stilll better than everything else i hear on this site……by far the best rapper in the city if not the game …..twista is a legend but homie time been up after slow jams …real shit, he better try to push skooda!

  2. Felix

    “Drk” What money? I haven’t seen how his ties to Twista have benefited his career. If anything, its the rhymes & work ethic that have gotten my attention.

  3. Drkr[img]

    I’m not saying dude should quit rapping, if that’s in his heart no one can take that from him, but y’all need to quit lying to yourselves bout how hot your boys are, shit like this makes me lose interest in Chicago music, twista needs put put someone on that’s at his level, not some ny sounding ass nigga. REAL TALK

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