9 Comments on "Snypaz – Da, Da, Da"

  1. Chiefj4

    West Side!!! S-N-Y-P-A-Z… Chi-Town ‘Til It Go Down!!!!! been fuckin’ wit ya’ll. I see you.

    1100 Block of N. Mason

  2. Tokyo

    This song sound like how that picture look: OLD AS HELL. I wish grand daddy ass rappers stop tryna make come backs. If you aint made it by now its over for you!

  3. FatBoi

    ^^^^Regardless of how old they are you can learn from these dudes, they sold thousands independently, made money and got a deal, which is more than what happens for a lot of niggas

  4. hip hop dont have an age (common,kanye,jay z,rick ross) myabe the song sound old because they did it more than 5 years ago.that pic is from murder dog magazine about 10 years ago.
    the snypaz put in a lot of work.they got 100’s of songs that iant surfaced yet.they also got solo albums they workin on right now. r.o.b got a song playing on power 92 right now,2-4 aka staxx malone got a video out now. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xO3Co2-q4Ls and chilla got a n album out now!
    (this is for the fans not the haters)

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