Video: Kanye West – Power (UPDATE) RE-CENSORED

FSD Staff

The ‘Portrait’ that is Kanye West’s POWER video… Let the commenting begin!

It’s only a short 1:30 clip of the song made into a video, but the imagery in the short clip is something that is somewhat new to music videos and also reminiscent of the scene in 300 with the Oracle.

Once we find a good clear video sans advertisement it’ll be up as well.

props to 2dopeboyz for the stream. Props to NahRight for the new version

By directors cut we mean you get to see some titties… May be NSFW

Edit: Due to pressure from the Illuminati the Vimeo Uncensored version of Power has been removed and we’re now back to the OFFICIAL VEVO version w/ advertisements and less boobies.


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  • A.J. Crew

    “It’s a portrait, not a video.” – Kanye West

    He tried to tell ya.

  • Wake up

    This is som ILLUMINATI SHIT!! Its so wack that our “G.O.O.D.” music has come to this…..

  • Contraband

    The illuminati controls you! Don’t fear it! Embrace It!

  • Wake up

    embrace it?? devil shit and mind control? never that homie…

  • ChiCityColdCity

    this nigga be wildin, i luv the music, but the visuals make my mind wonder.

  • Wake up

    @chicitycoldcity see what i mean bro? kanye music always been dope…but dis pyramid stuff..illuminati mind control masonry stuff…its bogus. Niggas used to just make dope music for the luv…now they pushin they masonry mind control, devil worship stuff via the music..sad

  • FatBoi

    this is gonna be a dope ass vid nevertheless….

  • sent vader

    i thought this shit was dope..nuff said

  • gutta

    why do marx always gotta bring up this mason/ illuminati shit…heres a fuckin hint…just cus ur rich doest qualify u to be in the illuminati…niggs need to done some fuckin reading and stop being followers. this was a NEW dope visual…get a fuckin clue


    This is dope. Period. Illuminati ? LMAO. STOP

  • Dallas

    i fuck with it

  • devil worship clearly

    why do marx always gotta bring up this mason/ illuminati shit…heres a fuckin hint…just cus ur rich doest qualify u to be in the illuminati…niggs need to done some fuckin reading and stop being followers. this was a NEW dope visual…get a fuckin clue

    A true 85er…and I know you very well…..too bad your lost….obvioulsy you dont understand or know the concept…….You can be saved my friend!!!……You my friend are the one who doesn’t read!!!!!!!!

  • Wake up

    look yall all u have to do is read and do ur homework…i never said the song wasnt dope..cuz it is. But u can clearly see all the implications and the masonry work going on in this video. Kanye is one of the best to ever do it…but im just sayin we dont need him pushin his new found belief and satanic stuff on us. If u look at the imagery and do ur homework u can clearly see what this is…do some research…

  • Andrew Barber

    ‘Ye is OC!

  • Mark Byrd

    People are so quick to dismiss the illuminati talk… it’s realer than most think. But the key is, everyone with money isn’t in, they choose you!!!! He’s a man of great influence so why not use him? And don’t be fooled by they way they talk either… it’s called duality… they worship their God the same as we worship God…. now as far as masonry, I have people who are masons… high ranking, and they will tell you they ART of masonry is a great thing, but there are many masons with evil motives. The same as anything. If you worship God and attend church just like a devout christian does, but your intent behind it is wrong…. then guess what?
    As far as the video… dope as shit… never saw a video like this in 29 years of living, but also there are some images that seem disturbing. The average person who knows nothing about the illuminati symbolism will even say it’s something not right about this…

  • Keep on Keepin on

    Say word son?!

  • observer

    it’s true that the music industry is a key outlet for pushing subliminal messages..but the knowledge these cats are embracing is our own lost knowledge..the stolen secrets..the coveted wisdom. once these artists get a touch of the teachings, they express it because they’re artists, even though certain shit can’t be said…only to the ears of understanding. and they only get a dab of the real shit..which is what i think basic info, not the real’ll be old as hell by that time, if ever. anyway the whole devil thing comes from the belief that LUCIFER and SATAN are two different things, and that LUCIFER is the LIGHT BEARER who put the original man up on wisdom. supposedly the black magic practices and the bafemet are what made us “GODS”. the church deamed witchcraft evil, because it lead to freedom from CHRISTIANITY, etc. i can go on for days but, you get the picture. oh, there is a saying that goes “don’t judge islam by the muslim..”, peep how the bible was used for evil in “the book of eli”, peace.

  • observer

    knowledge in the wrong hands can be used for the right hands it would be taught to the masses cause thats the duty of a civilized person. i know y’all heard ross and jay on never know what hov got up his sleeve, or obama for that matter..niggas might be double agents in the game against the devils. looks like eminem aint goin..looks like jeezy was wit it but backed out..luda down, t.i., trey songz, etc. all them niggas you see wearing black, rihanna bigtime. why is jeezy goin against the grain with “all white everything”? but at the same time black/white simblizes “11”, or duality. so you never know..ur eyes open.

  • A.J. Crew

    …………. so I’m guessing none of you have heard of the Salem Witch Trails then?

    #thinkaboutit #pwnd #youguysareidiots

    PS: Even if Kanye came out and publicly denounced Freemasonry and the Illuminati (like Jay did… cough cough), ya’ll STILL wouldn’t believe it. Parallel to how they wanted to kill the accused “witches” and if they did indeed die, they weren’t a witch. Sooo… pretty much a lose/lose for the accused. Foos.

  • dumbashell

    u sound dumb as hell. thats like sayin gay people who denounce being gay arent gay. nah they jus know the truth would fuck they circle up. these niggas know wus goin on thats like havin a cross in ur video but sayin ‘i aint a christian tho, dont get it twisted. i jus like crosses’

    read a fuckin book.

  • Phat Phill

    I also fuck with it

  • Contraband

    Fuck! The Illuminati had the video removed!

  • A.J. Crew

    @dumbashell (Self-fulfilling name I suppose…)

    To quote you: “thats like sayin gay people who denounce being gay arent gay.” Do you hear yourself? Why would a gay person denounce being gay? Obviously, you’re so trapped in your Internet world where conspiracy theories are the way of life, that you haven’t been able to develop your interpersonal skills with other intelligent human beings.

    Again, to quote you: “these niggas know wus goin on thats like havin a cross in ur video but sayin ‘i aint a christian tho, dont get it twisted. i jus like crosses. read a fuckin book.” First off, I know a TON of people that actually would say that. Do you think that all these rappers are devout Christians just because they got diamond crosses or Jesus pieces? Some of them actually DO “just like crosses”.

    And apparently, it’s you who needs to read a book because your writing, grammar and spelling skills are horrendous.

  • Andrew

    Damn, the Illuminati called…. They want a piece of FSD!

  • Contraband

    Illuminati want my mind, soul, and my body. Secret society, tryin to keep they eye on me.

  • A.J. Crew


    You win for the “D’Evils” reference. Hahaha and @Andrew DON’T DO IT!!!!!!!! Lmaoooooo

  • Black

    Kanye thinks he’s a God, or morpheus, somebody along those lines, lol

  • Alvin Elmore

    Just because a video is weird doesn’t mean its Illuminati. The Illuminati has been around sense 1776. Their mind control techniques are way more sophisticated then just implanting imagery into rap and pop videos. And the key word is “Secret” society. Its not very secret if everybody knows about them now. It would’nt be secret to put out a video like this when people are already assuming the Illuminati has invaded pop culture. Have you guys even read up on the director of this video “Marco Brambilla”. I am a director and I am fan of his work. I knew of Marco way before this Kanye West video. And most of his work looks exactly like this video. He is a very talented artist. His work is primarily always abstract. Kanye was impressed with his imagery and he wanted him to make his video look like his artwork. Its as simple as that.

    “Civilization” Directed by Marco Brambilla

    The Illuminati would not put something out like this because it wouldnt be very effective. Everybody already has an assumption that this is an Illuminati mind control attempt. So any subliminal imagery would not work in a video like this because people are all ready looking for it. The Illuminati would use subliminal imagery in fast food commercials, news reports, kids tv shows, and other things that you wouldn’t even look for any type of Illuminati propaganda. I advise everybody to research these matters before following along with what everybody else is saying.

  • ImpoliteSociety

    If you’re looking for that bullshit, you’ll probably find it. The “Illuminati” has become the ultimate scapegoat for all things conspiratory. Do yourselves a favor and be individuals, greatest defense.

  • Drkr[img]

    I’ma keep it 100 like I life my life. That was one of the dopest video if not thee dopest videos I’ve ever seen. The concept is brilliant. The art is brilliant. I don’t like the fact that kanye gets this treatment. He doesn’t deserve videos this raw. He a false king prophet. He shouldn’t be worship. The team that put this together get my praise. Excellent work. Kanye a chipmunk

  • observer

    whats that REFLECTION ETERNAL say..”because i’m, because i’m, because i’m paranoid..”.naw they wouldn’t make it obvious, but you gotta know that we’re livin’ in the days and the times of the return of consciousness..maybe the obvious is too easily seen that you wonder if you’re “paranoid”, lol. they can put some meaningless shit out there to get us talkin, while at the same time still accomplishing a goal(if there was one). signs and symbols speak to our brains when seen whether we know it or not..the mind that never sleeps. for instance, if you take the true spelling of a name, lets same BILL CLINTON..spell it like this..BL CLNT, which is the correct way, then you disguise those letters into a symbol, you have successfully planted the thought of ol’ billy bob in ppls minds…peace. lol. by the way, thanks to the revolving of the SUN and its course, we are natural being awakened to a new awareness, whether you want to or not..but you gotta leave the pork alone and clean yourself up, and you my friend, can bypass the 4th world into the 5th, peace.

  • jayd_blak

    Man if that shut is true or not people are getting too obsessed with it. Music never made me do some shit I didn’t want to do. This is js a way to get more albulm sales.

  • stephany

    i love kanyee, but if wtf illuminati much? fuckk wrong with all this mind control and devil shit i thought it was all for the fun so much for that.

  • Young Prince

    Kanye Music Lead Up 2 This Shit He Wanted The Fame It Came Wit This Cost….There Puppet To Controll The Community We Live In … All Artist Been Tellin Hidden Messages In They Music 4 A Long Time Just Subliminaly They Make A Song Off Of Whats Been Goin On In There Life With These Occult Members Controllin Them….Jesus Walks Has A Story Behind It But You Gotta Look 4 That Meaning …The Clothes The Images The Powerful Words….The Flashing Lights Video Was 2 Show That Kanye Was Taken By Them (illuminati) Then This New Kanye Stepped Up wit All This Shit ….Real Truth …..They Run Everything We Do In This World And Everybody Is Comfortable With It Cuz They Follow Everything They Tell Them 2 DO …..Its In The Music Cartoons Building Structure All That People Just 2 Blind 2 See….Check Eminems Cross Over Look Into Acient History All That Its There But People 2 Blind 2 Search And Find Answers ….Now Im Not Waisting My Life 2 find Them Answers But Each Time I See Something Like This I Dig A Lil Deeper And Understand More …..Its All Brain Waves Thoe And They Know The Answer To How To Unlock The Rest Of The 90% Of Your Brain Cuz We Only Use 10% and Music Stimulates The Brain So Thats Just One Way They Get U

  • @loudpacks

    If you want to hear a new song with Kanye that dosnt involve him talkin about evil unjust shit go to play “Good Girl” the old Kanye is back!!!

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