Video: Hollywood Holt – Deep Cover (Remix)

Andrew Barber

Yeah, and you don’t stop.  A HYSTK & FSY production.

Holt, Fresh & Mano – one shot, one take, one kill. 

Holt’s These Are The Songs That Didn’t Make The Album But Are Still Cold As Hell So Shut The F*** Up Vol. 1 drops next week. Check out the cover art and tracklist here.


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  • ant


  • …..

    killin it HOLT! i fuck with this


    they look like actors! wack sauce!

  • LOVE

    Great. My least favorite rapper has a new video.

  • Rashaan

    And I’m Black Yall!

  • jason P

    @ the truth are they suppose to be rapping walking down the alley in real life you dumb fuck hate or love there acting holt kills this freestyle.

  • pocket science

    My Arch enemy Holly wood Holt Japped on this mixtape, but he smokes huff weed! TREATED!


    this is a like spoof of a Naughty By Nature video! Mad TV rapping ass niggas!

  • HP

    ^^^^^ did holt fuck your Girl why u madd nigga?? lol




    straight…I can tell he isn’t comfortable on real shit. I think he should stick to the comedy rap. Just my opinion though….keep doin ya thang

  • henry

    holt is hiphop he’s more hip hop than most of your favorite rappers and yall dudes commenting. the man is a dope ass breaker, he’s a good MC and he DeeJays. thats far more than any of you are capable of. dope vid dude

  • Kenlo Key

    whats funny is i been knowing Hollywood n Mano n Mic T for some years. Really respect what they doin in wat they have done. Str8 up Holt is one of the biggest embracing non hating ass niggz n Chi. He fux w you if you fux w him n he does has a real passion for hip hop..emceeing, breaking, and hosting all that shit…BUT…
    Another thing i do know…that some of you may not know, HOLT will BEAT UR ASS…dont get it confused becuz of the colorful commercial shit he real talk dude used to do bareknuckle fighting like on some UFC shit..n he aint no BITCH..which most u nigz would b terrified to DO
    ALSO… i was blown away by the shit he layed on this is was a lil left lane from the HOLT we know but it was still some really dope shit ..dont glad nigga frm yall city repping as hard as these dudes (The Phedz) are…

    CHIcaGO need to Ride together n stop this Civil WAr shit…KENLO KEY #TEAMINTAVENTION

  • und.

    didn’t like the video that much but i liked the track

  • HP

    he fucked me and my uncle


    i take that back i’m really jealous and just don’t wanna see this faggot ass nigga get ahead. i’m gonna go on the okayplayer board tonight to talk with my message board friends about whos the best rapper and porn star in my opinion. im sure you lames will socialize in real life like faggots. ahhhh i love the internet.

  • A.J. Crew

    I fux with this for real. Dope shit, Holt.



  • Ace Cannon

    I won’t front, I cant stand this nigga and his mere existence annoys the fuk outta me for some reason. I wanna ball his lil ass up and punt him everytime i see him. I hate his rap style, his persona, and the dude be looking goofy as hell 80% of the time wit his Unique Thrift Store wardrobe.

    That being said, I digged the lil video (I mashed this chick in that alley 1 night comin from Buttafly Social), liked his flow on this and I’m looking forward to the “..songs that didn’t make the album.”

    And Mano need to stop wearing denim capris!!!!

  • HP

    ^^^^ those dudes will beat yo ass

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