Sly Polaroid – Stoned (Prod. by Kanye West) [No DJ]

Andrew Barber 3

A tagged version of this appeared on DJ V-Dub’s Laws & Policies mixtape, which dropped earlier this week.  Sly shows love to his affiliations over this addictive Kanye beat.  This is truly GOOD music.

Ye japped out on this beat.  No question about that.  We just need one more Sly verse on here and I’d be good.

In other Sly P news, lookout for his new mixtape, Honor Me, that MoonDawg is putting the finishing touches on now.  Honor that.

Sly Polaroid-Stoned (Produced by Kanye)


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3 Comments on "Sly Polaroid – Stoned (Prod. by Kanye West) [No DJ]"

  1. Chiefj4

    At this point I am expecting more from Sly. Wasn’t Scarface supposed to be on this track? Anyway, looking forward to the new mixtape… and am dreaming for the first REAL album out of the Goon Squad camp. I fuck wit you Sly…

    West Side

  2. Chiefj4

    …just another quick comment, that was a lackluster beat from Kanye. Honestly, he is overrated, taking an already made track then remaking it means you are not original. Creative? Yes. But not original. Again, you heard it from me first, Sly P is like Chicago’s GZA when he’s in his zone and is using metaphors, and Wildstyle is like Chicago’s RZA on the tracks with them grimmey, gutta, basement beats… so, I would love to see that connect.

    West Side

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