Video: L.E.P. Bogus Boys & DJ Drama on MTV’s Mixtape Daily

Andrew Barber 25

This segment aired yesterday on MTV2’s Sucker Free Sunday countdown. This was shot two weeks ago in Times Square in NYC and the Bogus Boys and Drama announce their allegiance for Don’t Feed Da Killaz Vol. 3 which drops Sunday (yes, this Sunday).  It’s going to go down as one of best projects of the year, mark my words.

via MTV

Real Spit: Last week, we brought you the Midwest region’s hottest untapped talent with a preview of the latest volume of “Crack DVD,” which features none other than Chicago’s L.E.P. The duo have been hitting the pavement harder than “The Wire” ‘s murderous twosome Chris and Snoop, but instead of pushing that white, L.E.P.’s Moonie and the Count have been offering raw street tales.

With the third installment of their Don’t Feed Da Killaz mixtape series, due on Halloween, the MCs give fans an intimate look at their upbringing on the lower end of Southside Chicago.

“I penned the term ‘quality street music’ like five years ago and it’s good to see it’s still alive,” tape host DJ Drama told Mixtape Daily. “And normally, I tell you guys don’t be afraid, don’t be scared but, um, since we coming out on the 31st, I think you should be scared,” Drama, a.k.a. Mr. Thanksgiving, joked. “L.E.P. Bogus Boys, Chi-Town Midwest, we got y’all man. Let’s go.”

In other news, last week, the Bogus Boys held a private listening session in Chicago and flew out a ton of media from NYC and Atlanta to preview joints off DFK3.  However, instead of just sitting in a studio and playing the records one at a time, the Bogus Boys performed the tracks with a full band and back up singers.  It was definitely a one of a kind event.  Look for some footage of that coming soon.  A+ all around.  BDot over at RapRadar was on hand and has a few pics over his way.