Video: Mikkey Halsted – Bars (Part Too)

| November 30, 2010 | 6 Comments

Directed by Brandon “N2ition” Riley & Da Visionaryz

Good Lord.  I’d quote a few lines from this, but they’re all equally dope.  If you don’t click play on this it’s your loss.  I absolutely can’t wait for The Dark Room.

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  1. Out kold says:

    Dis man got ice cream barz on deck. “dude might, be the headliner now, but I’m who they came to see”

  2. TTL says:

    Damn Mikk comes with it… So much talent…

  3. Left Mack says:

    Dis boy Halsted getz buzy.

  4. Agacee says:


  5. Professor Pickle says:


  6. FlatteredBarz says:

    As long as he holding down Chicago, I tell you no lie, we straight! Mikkey Da’Best!

    Shouts out to Lowend and Wild100z — be back in a min!

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