Mikkey Halsted – Gorgeous (Freestyle)

| December 9, 2010 | 10 Comments

“I’m just the best rapper here joe, nevermind me.”

If you were just tuned into WBMZ Chicago’s BoardMemberz Radio, then you heard the lyrical bomb Mikkey Halsted dropped over Kanye’s “Gorgeous”. If not, you’re in luck. Here’s the MP3 for you. Dark Room drops December 21st.

Mikkey Halsted – Gorgeous (Freestyle)


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  • yoyo

    alright man! HE IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if i don’t hear him on a song with Ye or Lupe soon, i’mah stop buying they shit! just Keeping it real!

  • Lisa B

    Dooope! He is the elephant in the room so to speak. He’d be such a good fit for Good Music. Drew can’t u get Ye on the line? Roc Nation would work too.

  • http://wdthdigital.com WHO?


    Mikkey Halsted cold as hell!!!!!!!!!

  • theflyest

    Jay Halsted…LOL..just what the world needs another Hov replica…smh

  • K_Town405

    Halsted and LEP repping the crib the right way. It’s a movement. Im copping The Dark Room.

  • Raul S.
  • Toussaint L’Overture

    calling Mik Jay Halsted, is like hating on Kobe because he is the closest representation of that feeling MJ use to give hoop fans …… you sound goofy ass hell!!!!

  • http://uncrownedcityent@yahoo.com Chucky Moe

    He’s coming believe that……….IF YOU DON’T KNOW…YOU WILL KNOW!!!!

  • http://Twitter.com/RRmpulse Mpulse

    My mans Mikkey STAY goin in!!!!

  • http://Twitter.com/ThisisJDP JDP

    Mikkey’s the truth man. Dope