Video: Mikkey Halsted feat. Freddie Gibbs & B.J. The Chicago Kid – FNB

Andrew Barber 21

Directed by Brandon “N2ition” Riley.  Track produced by No I.D.

You heard the song earlier today, now experience the full effect with the visual.

The iTunes link for The Dark Room is now available here. Make that purchase.

Previously: Mikkey Halsted – The Dark Room [Preview + Tracklist + Production Credits]

21 Comments on "Video: Mikkey Halsted feat. Freddie Gibbs & B.J. The Chicago Kid – FNB"

  1. jae

    yall got B.J and No I.D on a track together,and all B.J say is “awe yea”and mickey say’s that same o momma was,and daddy was a.i be listen,and i heard him start least 2-3 raps off like disrespect,but u gotta switch it up.same o sad as songz.

  2. Mike Holder

    Mikkey is by far the best out of Chicago in the last 5 years. Chicago got some of the best in the game Kanye, Common, Lupe and now Mikkey has officially taken his place amongst those elite.

  3. Brad Zietler

    I feel like the city was more excited when LeP dropped. I was expecting more. I like the features and I like the cd as a whole but i feel mik can come with bigger records. The little fellaz are doin it I know for a fact he can too.

  4. Left Mack

    @Brad I think you are looking for The Photo Album. Andrew said this is a 2 part series. The Photo Album has the record with Lupe and some other big features I think. I think that one will be more main stream with big records..oh yeah that Twista feature too.


    ShiiiiiiiiiiiiD This album is a Classic!! “Niggaz Just Complain” is worth 5 mics alone!!! I send that out to All of Chicago FSD Complaining ass Twiggas!!! Let’s Go!!!!!

  6. Traxster_Fan

    Yooooo!! That “Complain” by Trax is nasty as his old Twista stuff. Halsted and Traxster have great chemistry.

    Whole album is RAW biz. 5 mics.

  7. This is how you film make. This joint is solid inside and out from the treatment to the song, to the beat, to the featuring artists. Everything Freddie touches is hot though. Big Ups to Brandon “N2ition” Riley and No I.D.

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