FSD Round Up – NYE Edition

Andrew Barber

Being in the Holiday spirit, and feeling the need to really support every local artist, I had the idea this evening to give everyone a shot – something I wish I had more time to do year round.  I took to Twitter around 6pm and invited EVERY Chicago artist to submit a song as part of the FSD Round Up – NYE Edition.  No politics, no bullshit, just send me the song and I’ll post it.  Period.  Even if it’s an FSD diss song (hey, I’ve received them!), I vowed to put it up as long as it was received by cut-off was 12am 1/1/11.

More than anything it’s just a big THANK YOU to all of the readers, fans, supporters, commenters, haters, artists and aspiring artists who support FSD on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.  Thank you for helping FSD enjoy it’s biggest year to date.  Happy New Year.  Best wishes in 2011.

Amilcar – feat. Derty Harry – Last Glass

Anton Genius – Happy New Year

Arlo – Bull Connor (Prod. by Trailblazerz MPC)

Giani Bread – I Could Cuff Her (Prod. by TrailBlazerz MPC)

eLO- My Head (Prod. by Traiblazerz MPC)

Suave Da Lyricist x DJ V-Dub – Censored [Mixtape]

ProbCause – Daydreams

Mike Nitty – Ghetto Brick Road

Pennjamin Bannekar – ILLWrite

Nom de Rap – Top of The Morning

C. Rich – Voice of Reason [Mixtape]

GM – 2011

Shawty Lo- I’m Gone feat. Zone 6 Sinister (Prod by Cryptonite)

Slick G feat. Simeon Viltz – Loose Control

RJ and Technique – Windy’s Feat. Savant

Ollie P. Rose – Aretha

Joey Fever – Feel It

Sey – Drift Away

Face Time Police – Minute Made [Music Video]

Speedy Calhoun – Oh Yeah!

JP – Freedom [Video]

Shanetron – Small Commercial Break

Legit – Derrick Rose For President

The Renaissance- The Ghost Of Calumet City

Virus – Uh-Oh

Big Rob x mR. b.nEw – Think About It (Prod. by mR. b.nEw)

J-Nellz ft. B-Ford – Gwap [Video]

Maven – Bi-Polar Love

Rik – On One

Young Keyz ft Jessica Jasmin – Your Love

HGNC – Jackie Chan Stunt

DISL Automatic – Nose Bleed

Absolute – Smell The Roses

pB – Bachelor Pt. 3

F.A.T.T.- Need U On My Team

Excel Cruz – 60 Bars

Henry Mann – Thirsty

Dizkreet, Anthem, Rockstar Jones – No Rookies Allowed

Donte Partee feat. LD – Smile For Me

F.O.C. – Go Dumb

N.A.S. – Strawberry Lamesauce

Smokie – Strapped


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  • ChiGuy

    Mannnn that boi legit is a beast…. Derick Rose for President is #EPIC

  • Mr_Randtastic

    “I’m rather swell I can’t be beat, go to hell if you call me weak, niggas say they got game like they EA , but if you talk about game than im E3” Sheesh everyone needs to check out that Legit – Derrick Rose For President track he got off. Good lyircs with a dope beat smh man Legit is really one of Chicago’s best artists

  • Marcell

    That D.Rose for President is dope! Legit doing big things.

  • GBrad18

    LEGIT GOT OFF on “Derrick Rose for President” one of the best upcoming music artists in CHICAGO!!!

  • Sani

    yoooooo Derrick Rose For President too smooth

  • KiyaMonroe

    #DERRiCK ROSE 4 PRESiDENT.! L’z out here killing every other local Chicago artist. Shorty got MAD potential. 🙂

  • Cierra

    “Derrick Rose for President” is HOTTTTT! Legit is DEFINITELY going places!

  • Faith Foulks

    Yeahh! D.Rose for President! This is DEFINATELY my song. Legit is one of the best amature artists in Chicago, if not the best! Please go check ’em out. DOPPEEE!

  • conesha

    ommmfffggg derrick rose for prez!!! hot ishhhh!!! TURN ME UPP!!

  • Chevice

    Derrick Rose for President Legit got that shit boaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Don’t sleep on him.

  • Arii Price

    Derrick Rose for President is the best track by far. Real talk. Chi city stand up for my man LEGIT.

  • Legit

    Thanks for all the love everybody I really truely appreciate it.

  • SnapBack_Crazy

    That Derrick Rose 4 prez serious the beat smooth as hell and the lyrics is on point!!



  • U.G.

    Everybody was talkin about it i had to listen and guess what……………… its dope i fucks wit “Derrick Rose 4 President”

  • Chasingr8ness

    Just checked that D Rose for President Legit def got talent

  • Shay

    Derrick Rose For President…Theee shit. Don’t sleep on Legit seriously though. He has some great ass material. Definitely one of the best local rappers in Chicago.

  • Jake D!

    Holy shit, this shit go hard! Totally worth listening to. Some of the smartest, freshest, hottest lyrics I ever heard. D. Rose runs this bitch!

  • Arkman

    Derrick Rose for President Dopeness!!!

  • Duvalle’

    D Rose for President ! ! L’z so fxcking talent . Killed that shit jo’ .

  • Rellow

    LEGIT GOT ME LOOKIN 4 AH BALLAD RIGHT NOW.! Lol D. Rose 4 President.!!!! Renaissance Takin Ova.!

  • Chaversnation

    My nigga LEGIT gets the hell off on that D. Rose 4 President vote my L’z 4 President of this music shit cause him and Ren finna takeover! #leggo

  • Rellow

    Can’t Nap On “The Ghost Of Calumet City” Doe.. Dat Track Is EPIC.!!!!!!

  • Joe Flowers

    Yall sleepingnon that Pennjamin Bannekar ILLWrite that shit cold “Most deny they favor that’s y they aint paid up
    Instead of lookin in the mirror to see how they made up
    They come wit explanations implicating satan
    That’s gotta be the reason these bigger figures made it
    Maybe they just worked hard alter what u thinkin
    Maybe they deserve they offers that they bring in
    If somebody else shout illuminati
    I hope u meet death power out ya body

  • dopenstien

    MPC Bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • awax861


  • Ollie P. Rose

    Pennjamin Bannekar – ILLWrite bumps!

    Renaissance gets bonus points for dropping a Snorlax reference.

    Nom de Rap is trill.

  • Ollie P. Rose

    As soon as Joey Fever dropped the word ” panickin’ ” in that Feel it track, I was just waiting for the Anakin follow up. #sawthatcoming

  • V Geezy


  • Josi

    Yea my dude L’z Got off on Derrick Rose For President, Complex Music Fucks With Legit and the rest of REN….Chicago Lives Fore Sure!!!!

  • fournee

    Maven’s Bi Polar Love is great. Need to hear more.

  • Nicholas

    Legit – Derrick Rose for president is a dope track!!! He killed that J. Cole instrumental!

    – Blacksmith

  • Elementz Emcee

    Yeah Legit went in over that J. Cole beat. I can digg it!

  • Tayo Dollaz

    HGNC-Jackie Chan Stunt!!!!! FATT-Need U On My Team!!!!!!

  • RICO

    That Jackie Chan and Need you on my team are hits!!! Shouts out to HGNC… they got some nice material…

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