Video: Vic Mensa – Outta This World

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Fresh off of the Kids These Days Hard Times release show last night Vic Mensa just keeps on applying pressure.  The song Outta This World was featured on the Nike x STA mixtape City of Win which released in the fall congruent to the opening of the Basketball themed Six Points store. This Davy Greenberg directed clip is probably his best work yet, including shots of Vic’s crew hooping outside, a Whitney Young practice, and two very special scenes which I’d rather not reveal until you see them.  This kid has insane talent and a pretty good screen presence to boot, in the words of TSS’s John Gotty “Vic Mensa is the fucking future” like it or not.

via RubyHornet

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  2. All right!….. He had WHO with is lyrical skill, and then he traveled to ’86-’87 with the Mars Blackman piece….. now WHO is sold, Vic Mensa beeeeeen fresh since his arrival to earth!
    Hallehujah/FuK Yeah!

    WHO like it A lot!

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