Yung Berg – So Amazin

Andrew Barber 3

“I’m Southside ’til I die even though them n***** hate me”

Despite the ups and downs of Berg’s personal life, one thing that can always be said about dude is that he always keeps a positive attitude, and never lets the bullshit slow him down.  Less than a week after a groupie leaked d0ng shots of the Yung’in (pause!) to the internets, the rarely-phased Berg  unleashes this dedication to his hometown of Chicago.  He doesn’t open up as much as you’d like, but he does touch on the fact that he will always represent the City whether you like him or not. 

Yung Berg – So Amazin

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  1. King of Chicago

    Yea shout out too Berg. Bcuz If u diss him andrew will ban u from flakeshore drive. And i’m sure he got pics of Berger dick shots in his phone. Donkey dick suckin ass faggot.. O’ if you Lep u can diss him and still get on frosty flakeshore drivers ed. Shout out 2 Lep tho’ for keepin it gangsta..

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