Lupe Clears Up House Of Blues Fiasco

Ty Howard

Lu has spoken. Lupe took to Twitter this morning to clear the air about what took place at the House of Blues this past weekend. Blame the promoters people, not Lu.  Word has it that he’ll be back for an actual show soon, so stay tuned for details concerning that.


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  • 305 Studios

    Unfortunately because Lupe was the “headlining attraction” for the disaster that was Saturday night the blame is going to be put on him, regardless of all the bs hijinx going on behind the scenes and miscommunication between camps.

    I find it hard to believe that at any time during his six hour drive to Chicago no one from his team communicated to him that there was a venue packed of 1,000+ fans that had been waiting for hours to see him perform – on top of that the fact that it was in his home town. Lord knows those people (including myself) didn’t pack the house of blues to see any of those opening performances. (Or get cussed out by the lanky rasta dude in the red hat, who should never be allowed to hold a mic in front of an audience again)

    As wack as it might be, even though Lupe might have gotten the short end of the stick on this one, he still let the fans down. For someone that is all about the fans he should’ve realized the second he got on stage they were there to see him perform. It was only about 10 minutes into the show when it became clear it was only going to be a quick medley of his hits. And why wait until this morning to address it? Clearly he must’ve heard the boo’s rain down when he left the stage after 25 minutes.

    Understandably if he stays and performs a whole show than he loses and the scrubs that promoted the show win – so I don’t completely blame him for not staying out there longer. A make-up show (put on by “his” people) would be nice, but I highly doubt that would ever happen. So what’s it at now? Drop another $50 or so when he comes back to town in June? I’m sorry but that doesn’t sit well after I just dropped cash to see him this past weekend.

    Thank god I was able to cop tickets at face value and didn’t pay $100+ in the days leading up to the show. I’ll most likely pay to go see him when he comes back, but man was that shit wack.

  • Doughboy1500

    Well, there you have it!

  • Doughboy1500

    Lupe was a victim just like the fans. Can’t blame bro for that one!

  • Andrew

    The dude who took the stage to try and calm down the crowd but then got mad and told them he was a Blackstone before getting hit by a beer can was the funniest thing of the night

    • Bigg Unit

      I need to see a video of that. lol

    • 305 Studios


  • babyfacemonster

    well damn! lol

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  • joel

    This is what i wrote on lupes website

    Thanks for the explanation, but i dont know how much that works for me. I feel like i was cheated out of 70 dollars. You pay people to make sure stuff like this doesn’t happen. I have seen you 4 times now, i am always very excited when i see you are coming to chicago, and ever time it is a great concert. The whole time waiting i was just telling my girlfriend lupe will make up for being late he’ll apologize and put on a great show. You did put on a great show but it was only 30 min and you didnt apologize for being late. There was some chaos in the crowd because we all wanted to see you. I understand that you were mislead too but this should not have happened. The house of blues website says lupe fiasco fake shore drive made it seem like it was a lupe show, even the openers said they wanted to see you. I feel like i was stabbed in the back by you. Thanks for explaining, but if you read this i still am not satisfied. After this i feel liek u lost ur own message of superstar because showing up to a concert 3 hours late after not making any attempt to clear things up on ur website or anything and not apologizing makes it seem like you dont care about your fans.

    • A.E.

      I completely agree with you. If he would of apologized and filled us in, in some type of way upon his arrival, i highly doubt people would be as angry and disappointed. You also mentioned how it was promoted. A few things led me to believe that it would be more of a party than a concert, however, I was definitely led to believe that Lupe would be there the majority of the time even if he wasn’t performing.

  • That’sBroadway

    I just want to say a few things and give you my perspective of the show.

    This show was sketchy from the start. Upon arrival there were no Tech 12’s set up as requested or monitors etc. This led me to believe early that a seasoned performers team had not sent word to have all stages, equip set up correctly. I set up the 12’s myself due to the sound man not having a great attitude about the event anyways. I was scheduled to only spin 1 hour and a half which turned out being me for the entire night. The doors opened at 7:30 of which I was also told 9 p.m. The show began, I began to spin. Here is where Dave Jeff of PHLI (NOT ON THE BILL TO HOST NOR PERFORM) Hosted the ENTIRE show out of love and jumping in to help me. Dave Jeff saved the show because without him hosting the boos would have ensued much earlier than they did. Ok moving forward we seemed to have a good grasp of the crowd (I HAVE STILL AND VIDEO TO PROVE THIS) and we held the crowd for as long as we could. At this time there was no conformation to me of when LUPE would even be showing which led me to believe the was an error in communication somewhere. The idea was……just keep going Broadway….ahhh were figuring it all out! I think the audience began to see my frustration building again I was only supposed to spin for a hour and a half. At around 11-1130 I had had it with the booing and asked if they could put the house sounds back on of which they did. The brother who got on stage tried to lessen the booing and wanted to make the kids aware that booing and throwing things upon the stage did’nt make Chicago look any better ti’ll he even got frustrated and resorted to what some of us know best when we are violated. He lettem’ know period! Alast we were told to clear the backstage so he could perform. By then the crowd was less than cheery and knew Lu was just not into the groove and I’m sure his ending comment for the night was because he felt slighted. This was’nt the most well put together show or whatever the agreement was but I think we are all losing sight of what is most important and that is the fans. I had no idea these tickets were that expensive so I can truly understand leaving feeling like it’s all LUPES fault for being bigheaded. I don’t feel like he was being this way but I do know fans don’t get to see the the behind the scenes BS we endure. 6 hours personal driving, I believe he cares about you the fans I just think there was no CLARITY about what the event entailed. I felt shameful about the way it went because I know It could have went better with good communication and REAL SCHEDULING! I even felt bad as a Dj when one of coordinator said “Don’t Scratch The Records!!!!!” I was like is he serious????? at a HIP HOP show??? did he know what a Dj was??? My only issue is that nobody but the fans said THANK YOU!! As I left the building some of Chicagos finest walked up to me shook my hand and said man we were’nt booing you, you killed it (Dave Too) I thought that was such a great display of Chicago Love. I mean suburban white kids who knew nothing about me so humble so warm said THANK YOU! I was truly moved by the love after the show. I only wish the people who put this together could have expressed their appreciation. No matter how it turned out that moment touched me Chicago….and I love you for it.

  • Honestly Honest

    lesson learned, don’t go to rap shows.

  • Detroit Murder Dog

    I like Lupe’s music and think he’s a good performer, but these explanations defy common sense. Let’s not let Lupe off the hook so easily here. If you pay $40 to $100 to attend a Lupe Fiasco event, you are expecting a concert PERIOD. I can’t think of another event where the tickets were concert level prices in a concert venue, but the expectation is that you get something less than a concert. I’ve never paid that kind of money for a “celebration” in which the headliner reluctantly performed for 25 minutes. Are we at the point where we need to read the fine print on fliers?

    Lupe or Lupe’s people signed the agreement with whoever promoted the show, so he was in the mix on this from jump. He shows up and then acts surprised that people in a sold out House of Blues were expecting a performance? C’mon son. Even if he gets a pass on being late (is running out of gas the new “dog ate my homework”?), what did he really expect to do when he got to the venue? Wave to fans? Read his Soundscan numbers? Rapper + mic + stage + paid admission = performance. Why would this be surprising to him?

    You know, this is some real hip hop shit. You don’t see Pearl Jam having a “celebration” at Park West with $50 tickets and then get Eddie Vedder doing two verses off “Jeremy” after waiting around for a few hours.

  • Bignas15

    Lupe must either (i) believe his fan base consists of nothing but morons and idiots because his explanations defy logic or (ii) believe that he has made it “so big” that he has the right to treat his fans like garbage. If your are an artist who performs music and you are to appear at a venue for performing music what on earth are you expected to do other than to perform. As the poster “Detroit Murder Dog” above noted no one paid hard earned money (and please remember this show is all ages (i.e. 17 and older) so a lot of these kids have very limited disposable income) to see Lupe “Wave to fans? Read his Soundscan numbers?”. In my opinion no one should have paid any money as Lasers is the most garbage bubble gum hip-hop album ever. It is a disgrace Lupe released this album and I understand there were label issues and they wanted an album that was more “radio friendly” but what on earth happened to artistic integrity. Also Lupe you were a nobody at one point too so don’t try and throw the undercards under the bus as if you did not know them or had nothing to do with them. One of the under cards was “All Natural” an extremely respected underground hip-hop group from Chicago and who was in this game while Lupe was still playing with GIJOES. Just cause your album sucks and you have no professionalism don’t try and throw other people under the bus. That is a b&tch 101 move and frankly shows your true colors. I used to be a huge fan but there is nothing more pathetic than a man who cannot own up to his mistakes and instead makes up lies which are insulting to the intelligence of his fans, especially when its a man like Lupe who claims to be intelligent and socially conscious. Lupe until further notice: YOU ARE A JOKE!

  • ItsBeenOne

    wasn’t this the same shit that happened at the nicki minaj wave and smile event for her album?

  • Back From Barcelona

    Click on link to find out what really happened..

  • fritzo

    I went to the show last saturday nite, it sucked that it wasn’t a “real” performance. but check it… get a refund! Yeah thats right, call LIVE NATION before Friday Apr 1st. I did it today and I’m getting the money put back on my card in 3-5 days. Its true. here’s the number…800-653-8000. Just have your order number, last 4 digits of your card, and billing address ready. Tell them you heard they’re giving refunds for the show; there’s a memo out on it. It didnt work for me the first call, but worked the 2nd call (the 1st rep just didnt see the memo). GET YOUR MONEY BACK! End this promoter BS, so this shit won’t happen again! peace!

  • Dizammm

    happened to be there, too. I know Dave & Broadway very well and I will personally thank them for their professionalism and great Customer Service and love. I already loved these two but know have even more love and respect. Thank You. You taught me something. As for Lupe, I know him even better and though there is great truth in what he is saying, he is immensley arrogant. First of all, apology wou;d of gone a long way. He should have immediatley connected with the crowd, throw the promoter under the bus, explain to them why he was late and the situation at hand. People may have still been disappointed but thier frustrations would have been directed elsewhere.Lupe knows his fan base and he knows that The House of Blues venue is looked at as a concernt venue. Why wait to apologize as an afterthought on a Twitter page. I know you are a distant. cold, self absorbed jerk but how vulgar and insulting. You knew the story. You were there long before you admit. This I personally knoW !ts unfortunate that this situation happened to his loyal, diehard fans. You talk about Studio Gangsters…Lupe is a Studio Conscious rapper. He really could careless.

  • Jesse

    There is no doubt LUPE was fully informed of the event since he was TWEETING about it before. And if he had looked at the flyer which was EVERYWHERE he woulda clearly known who was performing before him. So that doesn’t make sense.

    I was at the show. It was dope. I didnt pay a ton of VIP $$$ cuz i’m not in it to gawk at a celebrity. Its about the music for me.

    And the music was on point and dope. Lotsa kick ass Chitown emcees & b-boys & b-girls & a full band. I mean, that was the type of party I was expecting. Some Chi-town love & performers for a Chi-town performer we all love.

    BUT then we had to WAIT & WAIT & WAIT. I mean, There was a 10 emcee cipher… why couldn’t they come up on stage and kill time?

    The DJ was eh. He was playing some stupid rihanna & lil wayne bullshit music. Lupe’s fans are smarter than that. We don’t wanna hear bullshit. We wanted quality. So the mood just kept falling. And falling. THen that idiot came up on stage yelling at everyone. I heard he wasn’t even supposed to be back stage. He was some random asshole who wanted to be in the limelight. If the DJ Broadway is sayin in his post above that he understands why that lanky ass dude came on stage swearin at the audience then he’s no better

    When that emcee from the cipher came out and asked for positivity, thats when I started feelin like we were preppin for Lupe.

    BUT THEN WE had to wait some more!

    Honestly, Lupe was supposed to come on at 11. Show was goin til 1130-12. Obviously he was just gonna do a 30 min set neways. I knew that. I’ve been to these “celebrations” before. But he didnt come on til MIDNIGHT and then stayed on stage til 12:30. AND DIDNT APOLOGIZE and then TOPPED IT OFF WITH “I’LL SEE YOU AT THE REAAAAL SHOW” wtf?!?

    so shit happens. life gets complicated. fans dont read the flyer. and an artist does a short set. we get it. thats life. its happened before. gonna happen again.

    but as an ARTIST at least PRETEND you give a fuck about the audience. at least PRETEND you are sorry. and DO NOT EVER say “ill see you at the REAL show” and undermine everyone’s dollars

    oh & finally, Lupe’s claiming it was a “free” show that he did cuz it all goes to his foundation? BULLSHIT. Thats a tax write off. He’ll prob end up making more money by donating it all to his foundation than taking it from the beginning.

    maybe Lupe’s #1 single went to his head? or maybe someone else did…

  • That’sBroadway

    I can dig what you are also saying Jesse. Can you explain to me waht “Real Music” is? I’m sure I did’nt play a slew of Lil’ Wayne hits nor Rihanna? Also so I can be clear because maybe I’m not. What are Lupe fans listening to so I know.

  • wackaflocko

    Also, If your charity was seeing the money from this and your own sister runs your charity, then your people DEFINITELY knew of all the details, Lu. You need to apologize for real. For all the shit you talk about Barack atleast Barack swollows his pride and apologizes when his peoples fuck up. That’s why he’s a real black leader, you just a false prophet, Lu. Humble yourself young brotha.

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