11 Comments on "Lupe Fiasco feat. Hayley Williams – Airplanes [Unreleased]"

  1. Anonymouse

    Is this what rap/pop/music has become? Anyone just does a song with a pre-made hook and chorus? And whoever completes it the best gets to claim it? This shit is dumb. Just put ______ on the song and it will become a hit. Its not organic. Its not original. Man Im starting to hate music.

  2. g.hydro

    Both of BOB singles were lupes first …..like drakes forever was kardinal offishals 1st or lil waynes got money w/ tpain was 2 pistols song 1st ..pusha t Raid was 50cent song first n we all know game first few hits were 50cents songs 1st… 50cent 21 questions was Lloyd banks song 1st…Rick Ross hustlen was for Bump J first ….the list goes on n on been nis way forever hate it or love it

  3. Seems like that’s the way things are going. It’s why we can’t put these musicians in a “box.” People will listen to an artist if they are a support him/her… Plain and simple. Either way, seems like Lupe miffed on a few of these B.O.B claim-to-fames. That’s seven Grammy nominations he could have had.

  4. he is right this is how its been for longest. basically some producer had a production deal with the label and shopped it to whomever it fit best or wanted it and some producers have beats that come with hooks already, just how it is. another thing to add, a lot of songs christina milan passed over and it went to rihanna.

  5. Lady Loquacious

    Overall I feel like Lupe tends to have more things of substance to say than B.O.B., and this is just another example of that. I think regardless of how pop-ish the beat/chorus is (and trust me, I’m no fan of Hayley Williams being anywhere near hip-hop) for me, the track is about the content, the wordplay, and how it all blends together. Nothing against the B.O.B. version, but I give Lupe this round.

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