7 Comments on "Pistol Pete feat. Slick Pulla x Big Blast – What About You"

  1. swishah king

    damn yall had the budget for a garbage can, a ferrari davidson, a snomobile, and a camera man, cot damn yall doin it !!!!

  2. fuck pistol pete ol brick ass. i remember that nigga from back in the day he used to get treated by big wall every other day ol chip tooth ass nigga. ask him how he got dat chip tooth. pistol pete is just a jo jo capone dickrider and jo jo is another bitch ass nigga lookin for attention and sly polaroid n the brothers was finta get down on jo jo bout how he kept tryna squeeze in on bump shine. jo jo dont want it man, he get them out of town niggas fooled because he is from the chi and keep a group of weed smokin dummies around him but niggas in the land is like dude, ride out wit that goofy shit boy you is a clown man all is well to all my brothers

    • boo gunz

      pistol tooth got chipped in a police car crash during a chase u clown what u do to anybody fuk boy were u from lets c what it do u want say none of this shit to the homies real talk hating ass clown u coputer thuggin lmfao what block n the burbs u from cuz u damn sure not from the city nigga jojo was one of the first niggas gave bump sum shoine clown look at them chicago version dvds fuk boy

  3. A famo…this shit serious…..done seen alot of nigga dead because what they say outta they mouth…..aint no bitches in the Global Fam…..i dont even do the rap shit…this shit reality………u dont want me to slide down…because believe me the shots wont stop……..so before a nigga disrespect…the movement…u betta think long and strong……

  4. notafan

    wow…. look at that fat one with the braids in the middle. he is from that wack ass video with that ole ass broad

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