Sharkula x Mr. Tyler – Tom Brokaw

| May 31, 2011 | 2 Comments

One of Chicago’s greatest and most-eccentric talents, the one-and-only Sharkula, finally returns with a new project (well, one that can be found online at least).   Linking with Northwest Side producer, Mr. Tyler, the duo are teaming up for a full length that is supposed to drop, well, sometime.

Mr. Tyler also just dropped a full length album, so if you’re interested in checking out more of his work, you can do so here.

04 tom brokaw

Sharkula x Mr. Tyler – Tom Brokaw


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  • biggunit

    Im gettting the project off that pic alone WTF. Comedy B

  • Michelob Mike

    In the Parkula after Darkula