The Cool Kids – When Fish Ride Bicycles [Release Date, Cover Art + Tracklist]

| May 31, 2011 | 10 Comments

After YEARS of endless waiting, legal drama, label push backs and record industry B.S. we finally have a secure release date for The Cool Kids proper debut album, When Fish Ride Bicycles.

The album is due out on July 12th, 2011, via Mountain Dew’s Green Label Sound and is set to feature 11 new tracks.  Chuck Inglish will handle all of the production, with the exception of Pharrell Williams, who jumped on board for the albums final track, “Summer Jam”.  Bun B, Ghostface Killah, Mayer Hawthorne, Travis Barker and Asher Roth are all set to make appearances.

1.  Rush Hour Traffic
2.  GMC
3.  Boomin’ (featuring Tennille)
4.  Sour Apples (featuring Travis Barker)
5.  Penny Hardaway (featuring Ghostface Killah)
6.  Bundle Up
7.  Gas Station (featuring Bun B)
8.  Get Right
9.  Swimsuits (featuring Mayer Hawthorne)
10. Roll Call (featuring Asher Roth, Chip Tha Ripper, Boldy James)
11. Summer Jam (featuring Maxine Ashley), Produced by Pharrell Williams


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  1. WOW says:

    11 tracks? out on ITUNES? no hardcopy? this a total FAIL. just a total FAIL. Ima still cop it but I was expecting atLEAST 15 tracks. atLEAST. 3 years of waiting for 12 tracks. WOW.

  2. Pimp Corn says:

    @WOW. 11 tracks with Ghostface, Bun B, Chip Tha Ripper, Boldy James, Tennille, Travis Barker, and Asher Roth is a failure? For what it took to make this album a reality I’d say it’s a pretty big success. Next time think before you sound like an un-educated ass. FAKESHORE DRIVE SMACKDOWN!!!

  3. Myjestik says:

    yessir. cant wait to hear that ghostface verse.

  4. Anon says:

    15 tracks+ makes me lose interest immediately these days. 11 good joints is [good] enough for me. Lets hear it first before we bash it.

  5. Manny says:

    @Anon the problem is I’ve heard 4 of these tracks at their concerts. Plus they didn’t put some tracks I thought they were gonna put on like Over Here ft 10iller and Pedal to the medal. I’m definitely excited about it. Just a little disappointed that there won’t be a few more. AND they won’t be puttin’ out a hard copy either.

  6. burd says:

    im just excited this is actually coming out whether or not ive heard some of these tracks or not. its not like these dudes were just sitting on their asses waiting for the album to come out, they gave us two dope mixtapes in the meantime and plenty of shows to attend.

    sn: that penny hardaway needs to leak like right now

  7. mecknon says:

    no wiz, big sean, or lil b? grazti!

  8. GL Joe says:

    Man I really hope they let me shoot a music video for this. I’ve taken a break from training water Buffalo. I’ve currently moved to teaching Fish how to ride bicycles just in case you guys are wondering.

  9. Pimp Corn says:

    GLjoe-ism at it’s finest!!!

  10. K. Sidney says:

    Their story and LUPE’s story is more than enough motivation to stay independent. Be yo’ own boss and you won’t have to worry bout politics with people that don’t get your vision. Glad to hear they finally got a release date though.

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