Video: Bo Deal Addresses Alleged Beefs, Explains Lyrics

Andrew Barber 12

One of Chicago’s rising stars, Bo Deal, has recently found himself in the middle of controversy, due to some song lyrics that could be perceived as shots fired.  In this interview (Bo made exclusively for FSD), Bo opens up about his past beef with Twista, talks about the alleged tension between himself and the L.E.P. Bogus Boys (and possibly the Cool Kids), and explains some lyrics that might’ve been taken the wrong way.  Shout out to Bo for clearing the air, and keeping it 100% with his fans and the people of Chicago.

12 Comments on "Video: Bo Deal Addresses Alleged Beefs, Explains Lyrics"

  1. Anon

    Aye why it sound like its him interviewing…him?! And uh, it aint never been in my nature to lash at at another man due to his success. Thats a negative Bo.

  2. Tookie G

    thats real shit, i support you my nigga but im happy you dont think the same way because we all gotta support each other and work hard. the chicago way is to hate on the next man thats working hard but now you gettin your chance and we gotta support you. im glad you and lep cool because if yall two dont do it chicago in trouble becasue these other guys aint working hard enough of. i give it up to yall. keep grinding and say forget the haters. the majority of the city support you fam fuck the fuck that dont

  3. Dayy dayy

    Im glad it aint no beef cuz that a be a bloody war that our city dont want and dont need homie yall just keep making good music


    i like when a nigga keep it 100 and let the ppl know the real great interview chicago its time for yall to go for whats yalls keep up the great work and Bo keep sweepin these naysayers under the rug chicago is 4 winners i love it

  5. yeah, some of that shit was contradicting but whatever, just make good music. since the 90s ended, the westside hasn’t been as strong as it used to and dudes like him and project mayhem bringing back some shine.

  6. wayne

    i like the honesty bo, it take a nig man to say he hated on another man but you dont gotta hate bo you good. just keep doing you

  7. K.Notts

    This shits Corny, I dont even listen to this guys music who knew he had beef with L.E.P. and who cares……Next! cause I could care less about this.

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