Kanye & Jay’s Watch The Throne To Drop on July 4th?

Andrew Barber 2

As if.  I’ll believe it when I see it.  With no major single or even a video to speak of, I can’t imagine Def Jam would rush this album out in less than a month.  I mean, it’s not like they need a video or single from these two (Bad Meets Evil, anyone?), but it certainly wouldn’t hurt.  Either way, The Source is reporting that this album is due out on Independence Day.


2 Comments on "Kanye & Jay’s Watch The Throne To Drop on July 4th?"

  1. is that akon or some other random dark-ass dude? funny-ass pic for sure and i highly doubt it would drop without a video, kanye hella into expressing himself with them like how MJ used to do it and this ain’t like that kells/jay shit situation anyway.

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