Twista Working On New Album: The Dark Horse

| August 16, 2011 | 12 Comments

Good news for T fans: Twista and Traxster are currently in Los Angeles hard at work on Twista’s ninth studio album entitled The Dark Horse. I don’t think they could’ve picked a better title for this album as T is without a doubt hip-hop’s Dark Horse – you can never count him out. Look for a leak from the project coming soon.

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  1. Melvin II says:

    BOUT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CWALMOB & GMG’THE REAL CHICAGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. PoPimp85 says:

    Good Shit, cant wait to hear the leak!

  3. gamrecgam says:

    even though there are things i think T should of done differently is his career.. Ive got the utmost respect for twista.. there are hardly any verses from him that he didnt come wit it.. he of the
    most consistant rappers ive ever .. top 5 ever easily. he a master on the mic.. i like the new album title too.. dark horse sounda like its gonna be sick.. i hope wildstyle gonna be on it.. that collab long overdue!!!!

  4. Draft pick says:

    Yo I really hope we get overdose 2 or better yet and entire album produced by Traxster and I gotta say he just put an album out in Nov so this is kinda coming fast but yea I’m not complaining lol

  5. HU says:

    Well, I hope with an album title like that we get some true Twista music and not him trying to follow current trends again. He was on the right track with Back to the Basics and Up 2 Speed from the last album. In other words, I hope there’s no Gucci or GMG artists on this album. I also hope the leak isn’t like that My Bitch Bad remake from the last album…I Do, i think it was called.

  6. bigtig says:

    i think its funny everyone hates on the tracks that actually make it to the radio. T is hands down the number one artist its gotta be hard reppin the streets and tryin to go commercial with out goin whack but he do his damn thang. his next album should be GOAT cuz he is the greats of all times sorry to all other artists

  7. ib1 says:

    not really getting hopes up for it being good but at least he’s still putting an album out, after the last albums failure.

  8. ib1 says:

    HU, you know twista and trax are going to follow trends. it will probably have luger/vybes/juliano sounding tracks on it with guest appearances with lil b/big krit/MGK/currensy or whomever . i mean it could still be alright doing that but knowing their track record, they’re gonna churn out some forgettable shit instead of properly exploiting trends.

  9. milwaukee ave says:

    twista the olny nigga in the rap game that’s even close to the level pac was.. he right there

  10. milwaukee ave says:

    also id love to hear traxster drop a verse or 2 on the new album.. trax is raw with tbe raps too.. loved his 2 albums.. is he ever droppin another 1?

  11. Churrch on the move says:



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