Video: Shawnna feat. GMG – Lap Dance

| August 31, 2011 | 5 Comments

Somewhat NSFW. I’d also advise you to ask your children to leave the room.

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Category: Chicago

  • Magnifico

    Is what it is fresh,dig the video get the game living hope for more of the block in the dow!

  • sujith

    Really hot……..

  • HU

    What the fuck did Magnifico say? I wish black youth spoke English or some recognizable language. It would prevent us from sinking into deeper levels of poverty.

  • http://None TwistaIsDaBestALive

    Shawnna is sick rest is garbage

  • Paul Scientific

    I wish I could say that because its music from my city that it was good. But I don’t think the song is very good, in my honest opinion. The women in the video aren’t very appealing either. Shawnna is a Chicago Pioneer in the truest sense in this rap game. I’m salty that she putting out this kind of music. This is not what you should be dropping when you been on this long. I could expect this kind of music from an amateur trying to make a name for themselves. Not someone with a resume with several hit records on it. I’m just sayin…