Belo Zero (of Do or Die) Released From Prison

Andrew Barber 20

Belo Zero, of the legendary Chicago trio Do or Die, has been released from prison after serving just four years of a ten year sentence for second-degree murder. A source close to Belo just confirmed the news this evening.

In October of 2007, Belo was sentenced to ten years in prison after pleading guilty to shooting Raynard “B-Dog” Pinkston in 2002.

More details as they emerge…

20 Comments on "Belo Zero (of Do or Die) Released From Prison"

  1. Chicago

    Wow. I’m very happy for him. I thought he would’nt be out until, maybe, 2014 or something. How did he get out so early? Some very good news..

  2. Yaman

    He a lucky man.. It could if turned out worse… Glad to see he str8 thou… From what I heard he aint even shoot noone.. He just kept his mouth shut.. Thats some real shit right ther.. Definitely time for a new do or die album…

  3. Myk G from 815

    I be glad when they (DID) come with some more pimp shh like hey ma or higher or shit playa like me and you lol ….. I’m tired of this shh they playing now Drake and all this maybach music …. that shh garbage

  4. Carmen Thomas

    I need to talk to you mr.smith you might not remember me I use to stay on Sacramento and Jackson it is important please respond urgent

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