No I.D. Talks Irv Gotti, Wack Music & Common’s New Album On WGCI’s The Morning Riot

Ty Howard 5

Chicago’s own and Def Jam’s executive vice president No I.D. called into WGCI’s The Morning Riot this morning to talk everything from Irv Gotti & Def Jam to the creative process behind Common’s new LP, The Dreamer, The Believer. Dion even makes mention of a joint from Common’s album entitled “Sweet” that we may be hearing soon. This is definitely a must-listen.


5 Comments on "No I.D. Talks Irv Gotti, Wack Music & Common’s New Album On WGCI’s The Morning Riot"

  1. truth teller

    Its something about this dude that I just dont like. the nigga sounds afraid in the interview scared to step on anyones toes, this nigga must be a cancer .

    Chicago got talent that far exceeds whats considered main stream why the fuck would we follow where music is at now to gain acceptance ? music should follow us

    • he’s trying to be diplomatic, so he doesn’t want some bullshit drama since he’s shotcaller and all with the majors. i’m getting my interviews confused cause traxster had him on his ustream and he kinna gave a non answer for what was asked, something bout him now being a vp at def jam and what it means for chicago rappers. personally, it means nothing, its not his job to put anyone on from the city just cause they from the city. now if he thinks they got talent then yeah and it would make it easier for him to find talent from a semi untapped market like chicago.

  2. is the truth;i think as artist from chicago we need 2 adjust to where hip hop is going; shot out to dug infinite s.c just ro and the everyrone on 87thst. common you still got love on the strip you know what it is cant wait till the album drops i know its not going to be nothing but sweet…….. 87thst

  3. you all want 2 hear some real hip hop check out the out my window video dir .by seuss leroy youtube search renegadegang this is where i believe hip hop is going also twitter/renegadegang

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