Chance The Rapper – Windows

| December 7, 2011 | 8 Comments

Here’s a leak off Chance’s 10 Day project, which isn’t dropping until the Spring. Until then, take a look out the window.

This is one of those samples I’ve always messed with. Even when the Conscious Daughters did it. Ha!

Chance The Rapper – Windows – #10Day

Chance The Rapper – Windows


Category: Chicago

  • butimnotarapper

    great song. great artist. amazing talent at the listening party, deserves more credit.
    saaaaaaaavemoney mah patna nem

  • @Tremoloarm

    The track is MEAN! Keep holding down Chicago..

  • Ghandimypadna

    Ill as fuck #Savemoney

  • Brrrangdang

    “some of us is seein’ summer, some of us have passed. some of us aint seein summer, some of us have passed”…that’s poetry. the song is dope boa.

  • Nigga With Money Who Doesn’t Love That Bitch


  • que sera sera

  • Slick. G

    “Shouts to the aavvee.”

  • BigByrd