Chance The Rapper – Windows

| December 7, 2011 | 8 Comments

Here’s a leak off Chance’s 10 Day project, which isn’t dropping until the Spring. Until then, take a look out the window.

This is one of those samples I’ve always messed with. Even when the Conscious Daughters did it. Ha!

Chance The Rapper – Windows – #10Day

Chance The Rapper – Windows


Category: Chicago

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  1. butimnotarapper says:

    great song. great artist. amazing talent at the listening party, deserves more credit.
    saaaaaaaavemoney mah patna nem

  2. @Tremoloarm says:

    The track is MEAN! Keep holding down Chicago..

  3. Ghandimypadna says:

    Ill as fuck #Savemoney

  4. Brrrangdang says:

    “some of us is seein’ summer, some of us have passed. some of us aint seein summer, some of us have passed”…that’s poetry. the song is dope boa.

  5. Nigga With Money Who Doesn't Love That Bitch says:


  6. Slick. G says:

    “Shouts to the aavvee.”

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